8 Outfit Trends That Make Me Want to Go Shopping

With the change in the era the corsets are going through a major fashion rendition to become more exquisite as well as casual.

With the change in the era, the corsets are going through a major fashion rendition to become more exquisite as well as casual.

The dynamic in the fashion world is ever-changing. Old classics are the new hot and happening. The new trends are minimalistic. And, comfort over style is raging all over the world. In a place like this, it often becomes difficult to keep track of what’s in and what’s not. And buying merchandise and products from the flea market is not that easy. Thus, this article is here to upgrade your fashion quotient to the latest trends.

Here’s a listing of 8 outfit trends that makes me want to go shopping right away!

Statement Coats

From Nicole Kidman in The Undoing to Victoria Beckham in her everyday life, statement coats are indeed making a statement in the fashion world. The gorgeous long coats with faux fur trims or the leather trench coats, all are here to enhance your daily look with a hint of sophistication. You cannot miss out on this latest trend that makes you look right out of literature.

Oversized Denim

How much denim is too much denim? We are hoping no one answers that because how else are we going to pull the casual plus party look in one go! With every year, the denim trend remains with a little alteration. Currently, oversized denim is being picked over the skinny ones. As comfort comes first, oversized denim is the flagbearer of it. Be it denim jackets or jeans, get back the 90s in your soul and go for the oversized ones.


Making it back to this era from Marie Antoinette’s are the corsets. This edgy yet feminine garment screams queen all over it. Moreover, with the change in the era the corsets are going through a major fashion rendition to become more exquisite as well as casual. Corset crop tops, gowns with corset bodies, corset tops are all an evolved form of the medieval corset which is widely loved presently.

Naked Dresses

Spring is all about dresses but it is high time to sideline the floral, good girl print and bring out the sexy in all of us. That is when naked dresses come in to play a prime role. Naked dresses grandly include open backs, liberal cut-outs, spaghetti bodices, sheer fabric and so much more. It gives your figure the sensual touch it needs without much ado. As it is the antithesis of home dressing in sweatpants and joggers, naked dresses are the touch of optimism and coming out we need in our lives.

Midriff Flossing

Did someone notice how this trend spread like wildfire? Now, almost every garment has a midriff flossing trend incorporated in it. This tiny tie detail is the epitome of modest as well as revealing fashion. It is less controversial than the G-string trend and of course, gives your entire look a sultry touch. It is a perfect pick for spring and summertime. You can style it up with your jeans and skirts, it is just that easy. So, if your wardrobe is lagging in catching up with this trend, we insist you buy your tiny ties right away!

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Shirt Dresses

This is for people who are looking for a minimalistic addition to their wardrobe. Shirt dresses are comfy and uber-popular amongst this generation. The outfit is steadily making its name and trending constantly over the seasons. Midi shirt dresses and graphic shirt dresses are on the top of the charts. Be it a store online or offline, shirt dresses are always in the category for you can pick it for anything starting from a girl’s night to a shopping day to a work-from-home day. Getting the best picks from online stores like aritzia is a really great deal.

Puffed Sleeves

Statement sleeves are what statement collars were at a point in time. They make you look exclusive and important. Currently, this outfit trend is catching up because of the revolutionary detachable puffed sleeves. Yes, you heard it right. Statement sleeves do not mean the entire outfit, you can now get yourself a detachable puffed sleeve and team it up with anything and everything in your closet. Make your simple LBD look glamorous and gala-ready with puffed sleeves. They are life-changing and an essential wardrobe hack to have.

Bralettes & Organza

You can very well put two and two together to imagine the grounding breaking fashion statement they make when paired up. Bralettes have gone beyond the showrooms of Victoria’s Secret to become a clothing item every lifestyle and clothing is stocking up now. The demand is high as bralettes are being reworked to be worn as tops. Additionally, we have the organza tops which play the perfect partner to the bralettes. Show off your cutest bralette with an organza blouse at a party or dinner date.

These eight items should be on your next shopping list if you want to keep up the trend. Meanwhile, once you have it all, you can mix and match and create your fashion persona that will make heads turn around.

Pic Credits: Oleg Baliuk via Canva Pro

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