10 Tips For A Successful Remote Presentation

Professionally tailored templates prove to be a game-changer for remote presentations to make them appealing.

Professionally tailored templates prove to be a game-changer for remote presentations to make them appealing.

The COVID 19 outbreak in 2020 compelled the organizations to shift from operating in the offices to work from home (WFH) across the globe. All businesses, small or big, altered their way of working from offices to remote places owing to global lockdowns. With the pandemic persisting in numerous countries, the WFH trend will stay for a longer run. Among all these emerged PowerPoint presentations as a powerful tool for virtual conferences. They became the frontrunner for every businesswoman worldwide to conduct webinars, virtual conferences, and online office meetings.

Presentations pose a powerful platform to share business views, particularly for businesswomen, to stand out from their competitors. In a remote presentation conference, your audience is at their homes. Thus, it becomes all the more imperative to render it top-notch to hold their attention. A dull and drab slideshow is sure to send your remote stakeholders and clients into a slumber. But, how to craft engaging and captivating slide decks while also juggling your life at home? This blog post will prove to be your perfect guide to form wow-worthy slideshows.

Here are ten tips and tricks for every woman professional to build mesmerizing remote presentations:

Pick Attractive Slide Templates

Ladies, stock templates with bland slide patterns are a thing of the bygone era. They often fail to outshine your deck from the cluster of slideshows delivered every day. Professionally tailored templates prove to be a game-changer for remote presentations to make them appealing. Moreover, the templates help you save a significant amount of time since you’re no longer needed to create a presentation from scratch. You can ensure consistency, design competence, and higher engagement in your slides through professional PowerPoint slide deck templates.

Choose from vibrant and befitting slide templates from SlideModel to craft awe-inspiring slides. Their 100% editable and five-star templates can polish every slide deck beautifully to leave your audience astounding. Pick corporate-ready templates that resonate with your branding niche to enhance your slide content. These templates garner and bind the interest of your viewers throughout the presentation. If you’re presenting remotely, engagement is a game-changer for presentations! Ready to use templates help you achieve the same.

Incorporate Multimedia for a Visual Boost

Every woman presenter should know that adding pixel-perfect graphics to their slides adds a unique charm to them. Remote presentations demand slide decks ingrained with utmost visual appeal to keep your audience hooked to the screen. With all text and no images, you certainly do not want them to sleep. The thing is, no one likes to read the text right off the slides. Visuals help your presentation in unimaginable ways.

Someone has rightly said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Blend in vector images, gripping iconography, GIFs, and HD videos that compliment your topic. Fabricate your remote slide deck with attractive graphics to make it an instant success. Further, remember that visuals also aid in the easy grasp of your presentation ideas.

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Integrate Data Visualisations

All woman entrepreneurs and businesswomen must know that numbers and statistics presented in data visualization take your slides to another level. The attention span of your remote audience is less than in-person presentations. The attention span is difficult to get hold of, especially in remote meetings. Having professional yet engaging visuals can boost engagement in several ways. Bombarding your audience with data will further compel them to drop out of your presentations.

Structure your data with stunning data visuals. Utilize colour-coded charts, timelines, bar diagrams, histograms, and shapes to visualize your data. It further portrays your statistics as more digestible to your virtual audience. At the end of your presentation, your audience would like to draw some conclusions. If they can’t understand the numbers, you can’t initiate any call to action amid them. Present your sales analysis and forecast trends confidently with extraordinary charts.

Go For a Vibrant Color Scheme

With all the colours to choose from, you wouldn’t want your remote slide deck templates to appear drab and boring. Ensure to integrate your decks with a colourful charm to impress your virtual audience. Dynamic slides with vibrant colour schemes can dazzle your WFH audience like nothing else. A pro tip here is to be mindful of the colour contrast while picking your slide colours. Place dark-coloured text on a light background and vice-versa for maximum impact.

Avoid using more than 2-3 colours throughout the slides to make the colour consistent. Another golden tip here is to adhere to your or your client’s branding colours to make your slides look stunning. When it comes to the colour scheme or branding your company through presentations, the key is design consistency. You may use professional PowerPoint templates that ensure pixel-perfect design right from the beginning to the end.

Remember these Typographical Rules

The first rule that every working woman delivering remote presentations must keep in her mind is to be wary of the typographical rules. To garner praises for your slideshows from your remote viewers, choose the appropriate font size and font style. Ensure to ditch fancy fonts like Comic Sans for functional fonts like Tahoma to showcase professionalism.

Select a font size of 30pt or above to render your slide content easily readable. Also, avoid displaying your information in thick paragraphs. Instead, exhibit the core points in bullets to reinforce your ideas. Stick to six-point bullets per slide with only six words in them. Leave some white space between the slide contents to make your slide content stand out.

Stick to One Topic Per Slide

In the absence of face-to-face interaction, businesswomen need to design their slides with visual consistency. A haphazard slide deck will only lead to more confusion among your audience. Incorporate only one topic per slide to keep them concise and compact.

Remember that your online clients get distracted easily during your remote presentation. Hence, a simplified slide structure will engross them in your slide deck and make the slide ideas more coherent. Therefore, avoid putting excessive topics in one slide and stick to only one to evade visual clutter.

Energize and Interact

Your clients are always in front of you with in-office presentations to keep the communication channel smooth. The prime task of every woman presenter is to energize, communicate and keep a steady flow of interaction. Weave a compelling narrative of your slides and present them with masterful communication.

Host Q&A sessions with your stakeholders in the middle or end of the slideshow to eliminate their doubts. Highlight key points, conduct polls, and timely surveys to make them participate in your presentation. It will also assist in keeping them active and alert. Also, ladies, don’t forget to blend in some humorous touch to make it look less robotic.

The Trifecta of 10-20-30

Ah! Here comes the golden rule that every woman must tie to her waist to build remote presentations. Bulky presentations with tonnes of slides are a strict no-no for a remote slideshow. Your stakeholders will stop paying attention to decks that stretch on to hours and hours. Gone are the days when you could present a mile-long deck to your audience! Today, your viewers seek creativity!

Follow the 10 20 30 rule and craft a slideshow with all the information-packed crisply in no more than ten slides. Try to finish it within twenty minutes or less, and adjust your font size to 30pts or more, for added visible clarity. The 10 20 30 rule helps in keeping presentations short, lucid and wrap them in time. Slideshows formed on these golden rules will leave your clients with an unforgettable presentation and bestow instant success upon you.

Remote Presentation Essentials- Background, Clothing, and Technical Gear

When hosting remote presentations, the environment that you choose to deliver it holds the highest priority. Remove any background room clutter and make it as tidy as you can. Blur the background if necessary. Remember to select a place with appropriate lighting and avoid any sun glares. When it comes to clothing, the best choice is to opt for neutral shades without any pleads or stripes.

It prevents your audience from getting distracted on the screens. Suit up in your most professional dress and exude confidence. Choose an extra webcam if your in-built camera has low resolution. Make sure to sit in a place with good WiFi to avoid any connection breakage. Conduct prior audio and camera checks to dodge any room for mistakes.

Wrapping It Up

Voila! You’re all set with the best tips and tricks out there to form one-of-a-kind and enticing remote slide decks. Presentations with a balance of appealing graphics, charming templates, and data visuals take on the role of showstoppers for your slideshows. Transforming virtual conferencing, presentations are here for the long run as the global workforce shifts to remote functioning. All businesswomen should design and deliver their remote decks with these tips to achieve professional heights.

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