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There Is Nothing More Precious Than Laughter

Posted: January 12, 2021

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Laughing is great medicine. Laugh as much as you can and make people laugh. It helps you and others get away from unhealthy emotions.

Yes, there is nothing more precious than laughter but the women of our country should not laugh because it shows our character. While I was growing up, I was asked to learn how to laugh as laughing loudly is seen as unethical behaviour in our society. Nobody could change the way I laughed no matter how much I was asked to change my laughing style. I feel proud of the way I am and most importantly the way I laugh, as nothing is more precious than my laughter. Being sophisticated is wrongly associated with the way you laugh.

Laughter is important to me

I am from a family where laughing is our culture. Get together and laugh as much as you can at silly jokes. It does bring a lot of good vibes. All of us sit together for dinner, talk and laugh it out. The entire day stress of work and studies vanished and we could sleep soundly. As it is well said ‘ Laughter is a good medicine‘. I do not hesitate to laugh no matter what others say and think. As a student, as a trainee, as an employee, I always got a scolding for laughing but I could never control. Once I had to go to the loo to control laughing. My elder brother once said he would inform my future husband that I cannot control my tears and laughter both.

Sometimes while travelling or shopping alone, I remember some funny incident and literally have to cover my mouth so that people don’t take me wrong. Now I am someone’s wife and a daughter in law and I still laugh the way I did before marriage. I remember visiting my sister’s place where she lived with her in-laws, called me and told me not to laugh in their house. How gloomy must it be to live in a house where people do not laugh and you are not allowed to laugh, too. The unnecessary sophistication leading to frustration and sadness.

‘Laughter is the best medicine’

Laughing is great medicine. Laugh as much as you can and make people laugh. It helps you and others get away from unhealthy emotions. Don’t stress yourself worrying about feeling sophisticated. There is nothing wrong with laughing. Laughing brings joy in your house and work. Laugh with your family, laugh with your friends, laugh with your kids and laugh with the old and see the difference in your life. You will sleep happily and wake up with a smile.

Thanks to the stand-up comedians. How beautifully they make people laugh with their amazing skills. It is not easy to make people laugh with your jokes. People are too serious in fulfilling their daily whims and still not content. These comedians make a joke out of their sad stories and make people laugh. Huge respect for people who make others laugh.

Try not to laugh: 

  • He farted on their first date and she didn’t run away, maybe it was her love at first sight. 
  • She took a box of i-phone and sat in front of her friends, it was just a box without i-phone.
  • She was eating a chicken hot dog with her friends, she couldn’t finish the sausage as her friends kept making fun of it. She hid the sausage with tissue paper and never had sausages after that. 
  • Chicken drumstick on the table stumbled husband and feebled, wife finished four while the husband made a tour.             

Image source: Pixabay

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