Why Should How Much Weight I Carry Matter To Anyone?

Body shaming is a form of abuse that needs to be stopped. Fat or Skinny, we need to wear our confidence like a crown and walk with pride.

Body shaming is a form of abuse that needs to be stopped. Fat or Skinny, we need to wear our confidence like a crown and walk with pride.

Many of us are victims of body shaming and often the cause is completely ignored by our ruthless society. Some resort to feeling mentally unstable, shattered and under confident to show up in front of a crowd. People who mock others think that it’s a joke but it might be a sickness or hormonal disorder for the victim.

Our society has been so ignorant about the fact that how others feel when you mock. You get mocked and wait for revenge. You end up becoming bitter in the process.

The motive of this write up is not to encourage people to gain weight. Rather it is intended to spread awareness on this issue.

Inflicting pain with judgemental behaviour 

It is so much in practice that before meeting our relatives or friends, we look into the mirror. We dress up in full excitement for the interesting weekend or a meeting. But the first thing we hear will be What’s wrong with you or your body?, You’ve put on so much weight or you look skinny, this and that.

In the process, we have become so insensible that we forget to ask how the person is feeling. And every time you meet people they keep repeating the same. They continue to pass comments making you feel that something is really wrong with you. Here what people need to understand is that you cannot judge someone by their weight. You have no right to comment and disrespect them as it is theirs.

Being harsh has no boundaries 

When we don’t have anything to talk about because the person on the other end is so intelligent and we try to pull their confidence by saying that you look fat or some harsh comments coz you know that the other person is not going to take your shit. Can you relate? People have started using it as a tool. Many educated people from diverse profession do such thing and the most surprising thing is that even Doctors, pass such comments without considering the fact that patient has some issue that is the reason they have come to visit them.

My last consultation with a Gynaecologist, who was an old lady made me feel horrible. Now I don’t feel like going to the Doctor again for treatment. She made me feel uncomfortable by passing comments on my body. It went to such an extent that I don’t feel like visiting any Doctor again. I had just gone for a regular check-up without any specific issue. Once, I was so much caught up by her words that I assumed myself to be in grave danger when in reality everything was normal.

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Everyone is unique and beautiful 

I consider body shaming as a form of abuse of one’s physical feature and people should stop doing this.

We need to respect the way we are, the way others are, no one has the right to make others feel bad about their body. Also, in today’s generation, we need to wear our confidence like a crown and walk with pride whether we are fat or skinny.

Let the world see how we evolve no matter how much weight we carry, how beautiful and unique we look when we look into the mirror and give a warm smile to ourselves.

Image courtesy – Caroline Veronez on Unsplash

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