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I Had Faced Evil As Sita, But Nothing Like These Horrors Faced By Women Today

Posted: December 21, 2020

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Patriarchy never allows you to breathe freely and question your character, even when your body and soul would be as pure as the driven snow.

Ever since I heard of Kaliyuga, I had had a burning urge in me to perceive it. And when my mother Earth, from whose womb I had emerged, beckoned me, I couldn’t resist myself from going.

When I landed, the progression of human left me flabbergasted. However, I got to know something that shook me to the core.

One woman reports a rape every fifteen-minute in this sacred land of Bharat. Although the construction of the Ram-Janmabhoomi temple has begun, the Ram Rajya is yet to be entrenched.

Trying to look behind vague clouds of delusion, my every revelation hit me harder than the previous one. What further appalled me was the existence of femicide, female foeticide, and other horrendous brutalities against women, and that too in the 21 st century. Hanuman had burnt the entire Lanka in Sathyuga, now the esteem and dignity of women are being burnt brutally.

Earlier, a woman would be burned at the stake, now she is being torn apart.

Many centuries have gone by after the death of Ravana, but sadly, the atrocious fiend is still present today, even if in different forms. Humans might have exceeded in a plethora of fields, but they have failed miserably in humanity.

My father, a feminist, never craved for an heir but was a delightful father of four daughters. He went beyond the patriarchal parenting and trained us(me and my sisters), with an impartial view, into benevolent ladies who had freedom of decision and expression.

I too underwent countless ordeals and hardships in my journey. Patriarchy never allows you to breathe freely and question your character, even when your body and soul would be as pure as the driven snow. I, at last, prayed to rest upon my mother’s lap forever, but today women have to fight like a vigorous warrior till their last breath.

Author’s note: Have you ever wondered how the visit of Hindu mythology’s divine creatures to our century would be? Will they be happy with our progress or will they get disappointed with our civilization. This piece of writing is a short monologue of divine goddess Sita if she happens to visit India in the 21st century. This work of fiction is just a way to sensitize readers to the various issues a woman faces in her life. It has nothing to do with anyone’s religious sentiments.

Image source: a still from Sita Sings The Blues

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