Think Twice Before You Consider HER Weak.

Women are often tagged as weak. But are we? Enduring all types of pain from the beginning of time, women have always been strong. Don't mistaken our softness for weakness.

The definition of women as the ”weaker sex” has been ingrained in our society for ages. Women are always considered incapacitated and debilitated. People more often than not tend to believe that strength is a male domain. Bollywood too portrays women as fragile creatures. These films mold opinions and often encourage this indefensible perspective of the community towards women. When it is about power and strength, its always man.

Don’t ever underestimate girl power!

We, women, might look dainty from outside but are very strong from inside. When it comes to dealing with traumatization and getting through illness, we are better survivors than men. A woman is not a fragile minion, rather a robust fighter. Even God considered her strong and tolerant enough to bear the labour pain.

Labour pain is ranked high on the pain rating scale when compared to others. It is one of the most severe pain that a living creature can undergo. Caused by the contraction of muscles of the uterus and by pressure on the cervix, it’s the worst kind of pain one can imagine. Pressure on the bladder, bowel, and abdomen by the baby’s head and the stretching of the birth canal and vagina is an incredibly painful happening. Some parts of labour can be extremely uncomfortable with the achy feeling in the back and thighs as well.

The labour pain is often compared to the pain one would go through if two hundred bones of their body had broken. Yes, you read it right, its two hundred bones. Such a staggering number. Can you even envisage it? However, this pain becomes a part of the joy a woman feels when she holds her creation in her arms. That’s how powerful she is.

Not only that, but the cramping and pulsating pain a woman goes through every month before and during her periods are also very intense and unbearable for many of us. For some, they are severe enough to intervene with daily activities. Moreover, they are typically hard to treat on their own. Sadly, this painful experience is often downplayed by the society considering menstruation as a social taboo. How can a living being that goes through all these distressing feelings (and a plethora of other emotional conflicts too) be regarded as weak?

Softness is NOT weakness

Women are soft but not weak. We have beneath our skin a reservoir of power and strength. Studies have shown that women are strong, they live longer, suffer less, and die less frequently from chronic diseases, and have commendable pain tolerance. They can handle injuries, whether it be mental and physical, far better than men. We cannot term women weak just because they didn’t possess musculature and tough skin. Men are strong but that doesn’t mean women are weak.

Revolution is needed. Revolution in the mindset of people. Revolution from the perspective of society. Revolution in the way people interpret empowerment. Empowerment is often mistaken as the process of creating power in an individual. Society needs to understand that women are already extremely powerful. We only need to discern and constructively use this power of ours.


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