The Quiet Are Often Judged

We must change the perception that the quiet and introverted are weak!

We often have the habit of judging the ones who prefer to stay quiet and not give their opinion on everything. Yes, this is about us who prefer to keep quiet and reserve our energy for something wiser and relevant to us. We the quiet don’t like to speak much in each and every situation because it is our choice and we are often judged as weak and inefficient. Well, we do observe and understand the situation more as we are sitting and analysing when almost everyone is making noise. Doesn’t mean we are useless and we are scared. We know that being the loudspeaker and screaming our problems is not going to help us anyway. Hence, we think of the solution gradually and just speak when it is required to speak. This is our way of handling our life. It’s our nature, we can’t change it for others.

Don’t be judgy!

Often, we are also judged as boring when we are not ready to speak in-crowd. Well, when we find the topic interesting we do listen and share our voice too. We might not reply in lame jokes and gossips. We have a lot of things going in our mind and head when others are blabbering, we might just shut our mouth because we feel tired and exhausted if we have to talk a lot in topics which are not relevant to us. The quiets cannot be judged because we function differently. It is really difficult for us to listen to people for a long time. We have our own struggle. We can’t be judged just because we are quiet.

Somebody comes and screams at us in a random place we might just choose to ignore because screaming back may hurt us more than the other person who is in the habit of shouting all the time. That is our way of dealing with it. As it is well said, ‘Ignorance is Bliss.’ It needs huge courage to just ignore and keep quiet. People who are comfortable speaking a lot can try it as an exercise.

The quiet aren’t weak

As we do not judge people for talking more, the quiet should not be judged for talking less. Strong and weak are wrongly associated with it respectively. Quiets are the intelligent ones who don’t speak unnecessarily. They think, prepare and sort out important information before sharing it with others. Hence, if their voice is taken for granted, we might be losing a significant part. It has always been a trend to suppress the voice of introverts by the extroverts which need to stop.

Quiet people are considered as dumb and fools in this world full of extroverts. While extroverts are making noise introverts are silently working towards their goal in their own pace. They might be taking little longer but they are definitely going to come out more furnished and hit their goal carefully without losing their calm. Introverts are not dumb just because they are reserved. Extroverts use their loud voice trying to control a life of introverts thinking that they don’t understand anything, identify them as fools which is not true. Though we are quiet, we can see, hear and our mind and brain are well coordinated.


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