Soft Skills In Relationships

Today it is not enough to just have hard skills like, qualifications, trainings, experience. Here's why soft skills are equally important

Today it is not enough to just have hard skills like, qualifications, trainings, experience. Here’s why soft skills are equally important.

Man is a social animal . He coexists with nature and other living beings. A positive social interaction is needed for a successful life. Many skills are inbuilt in him to handle various situations. Interpersonal skills form a vital part in any administration.

Ancient Indian epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata highlight the performance of emperors, kings etc. In a royal court, even though the chief was the king himself, he had a whole array of hierarchy of officials to help him to rule the kingdom. There were Acharyas, ministers, the heads of state of various departments and even court jesters to form a complete team. A successful king displayed positive soft skills like leadership qualities, teamwork, interpersonal skills and problem solving capacity.

Soft skills required in the workplace

With population explosion and urbanisation, the youngster out of college looks out for ways and means to win the rat race. Getting a decent job has become a Herculean task. It is equally tough to accomplish higher levels in the career. There are various modalities for assessing a suitable candidate for a placement. It is not enough to have the hard skills like qualification, training or previous experience.

The candidate is tested for a number of soft skills in him too. Cooperation, collaboration, and problem solving skills help to provide a friendly office environment and strengthens the quality of work. The job seekers have understood the importance of these traits and are set to improve themselves.

Equally important for family life too!

If such interpersonal soft skills are inevitable qualities in an individual during career hunt, can we apply the same principles to family life as well ? If only we consider these soft skills important in our relationships at home, there would be less of conflicts and depression.

Youngsters must groom themselves right from home. Tolerance, compassion, decent verbal communication, transparency, hard work, cooperation and positive outlook can be trump cards everywhere. A balanced and happy person stepping out of home for work will make the workplace a heaven.

Marriage brings two individuals from two different homes and environments under a single roof. There should be mutual acceptance among the pair. The two families are also brought together in this deal. A big network of relationships can be built for the next generation. Children who grow up in such an environment imbibe many values and become morally strong.

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The previous generation might not have been economically so sound, but the qualities of hard work, sacrifice, acceptance of disappointments and failures groomed them to be balanced and successful individuals in life. It doesn’t cost one to develop such soft skills. Let us join hands to convert this earth into a heavenly abode.

Picture Credits: Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

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