We are struggling to combat the virus and check the spread of the infection.

Mother Nature tries to stabilize her balance in her own way. Can we say that floods, earthquakes, drought and diseases are few of her ways? Their impact will be heavy and we strive to manage these grave situations.

Today, while being cordoned from social activities, my thoughts traveled to see this situation with a different perspective. Two natural disasters of recent times come to my mind.

Most of this beautiful city of Chennai was under water during the floods of December 2015. It was

“Water, water…everywhere…too much to handle”.

Most of the hutments were washed away and multistoreyed buildings were submerged up to a few floors. It was like an ocean all around. People had to forego all their belongings and escape for their lives on life boats. Those stranded upstairs in the buildings were trapped. They could not come out for fear of being drowned. Patients and elders had to be managed indoors. The worst part of it all was the lack of electricity. In today’s world, everything comes to a halt without power. It was total darkness after dusk. Candle light was the saviour inside the house. Can you imagine the deadly silence and the ripples of the water at times around your home at night? Cellphones, which were the major communication devices could not be charged and used. It was impossible to contact anybody even in case of an emergency. All you could do was to wail in agony…

Food got exhausted, fridges became empty cupboards and we had to wait for food packets to be dropped down from helicopters. No power meant no hot water from the electric geysers for elders and patients. No power meant no entertainment. Electronic devices like TV, iPad and mobile phones all became mere toys. Books could be read only during the daytime. Nights were nightmares. Every minute, we were worried whether the water would rise or recede. This panic continued for nearly a week and the aftermath – loss and damage of personal belongings on a large scale, had to be silently accepted. But it was not darkness forever. The Sun did rise and we slowly got up.

Today, we are witnessing another dreadful situation- the pandemic Corona Virus attack. We are struggling to combat the virus and check the spread of the infection. Social distancing is the one and only method for survival in this difficult time. The nationwide lockdown is unavoidable.

When we compare the difficulties that we faced during floods and the situation today, we will realize that following the stringent measures of the Government is not a bitter pill to swallow. To be safe, we have to stay at home. We are with our family at home with basic amenities too. Food is available and can be prepared. Communication through phone and entertainment through TV, iPad, etc. is possible. At home, our nights are not dark too. We are allowed to go out a minimum number of times for very essential commodities.

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With all these bonuses, we must rise up to the occasion and extend our support to the Government to save our lives. Let us all cast away our complaints and work together to drive out this menace.

Is this not a Revelation ????


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