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Female Power

Posted: May 21, 2020

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We must remember that it is not the muscle power which a man has,and which is naturally lacking in a woman, should make her weak. This strong man basks under the shade of the wise and patient woman.

Gender difference is born at home when kids learn to speak and interact with other kids. The words “He”and  “She “teaches them to identify the sexes. When the kids go to elementary schools , their knowledge expands and they are taught to identity the male and female of animals like hen& rooster, cow & bull, lion & lioness and the like.


So there is a clear distinction that exists in nature. The creator has been wise enough to assign specific roles to the two sexes. In animals food hunting is most common with males whereas egg laying, childbirth & nurturing is done by females. Of course,there are exceptions. The male hippocampus(sea horse) carries the eggs in an abdominal pouch. It is also interesting to note that some male catfishes carry the eggs in their mouth until they hatch. But generally their duties are fixed.

Coming to think of humans ,who are endowed with higher abilities to think and analyse, wonder, why females cannot take up the duties of the males and be considered at par with males. Yes. When we seriously think about this, we have a lot to take away from time immemorial. We have seen women achievers in all walks of life. Woman is wonderful creation. She has a lot of inborn qualities and potentials. From a humorous point of view, can we attribute the absence of these qualities in male due to the lack of a “X” chromosome in their cells?

Successful Females

Across the world, we have heard of successful females as industrialists, politicians,doctors, sportspersons,warriors etc. The names of Queen Elizabeth, Florence Nightingale, Mother Teresa, Jhansi Rani, and many more , flash through our mind. The achievements of all of them were possible because of their special attributes. Wisdom, Grace, patience, compassion, justice, creativity and mental strength are only few to mention.

Proving Their Potential

But we have to stop and ponder. In modern world, the need for females to prove their potentials have gained importance. With modern equipment and devices, life at home has become easy and less time consuming. In nuclear families & very small families with one or two children,the educated sprightly woman hops out of the house to make her life meaningful. Idling at home can cause verbal feud,depression and obesity. The knowledge and experiences which she gains from the outside world will help her rear her children in a better way. The children then turnout to be smart, well informed, independent and sensitive.

Of course there is the other side of the coin too. In this process,she encounters a multitude of problems at her workplace and during commuting. Male chauvinism and ego clash , pop up at the workplace. She is viewed as an object of sexual attraction. Indecent remarks, acid attack, rape and the like have become common in today’s life.

It takes a toll at home too. Health issues, family feud and divorces are common now because of multitasking.

Positive Skills

By virtue of being a female,she is gifted with innumerable positive skills. If every man  uses his wisdom to understand her role in the house,it will result in total transformation of the humanity. Better society with high moral  values, patience,compassion and stability will evolve. The strong foundation for the next generation is laid at home.

Women are worthy of respect. Who can brush aside the contribution of ladies in the villages, working in the fields,small scale industries or the daily labourers? They  support the family financially because they have to supplement the income. The males more often are irresponsible and become victims of bad habits. If there can be a transformation in the attitude of males, the females can be saved from many hassles.

If ideal situations arise, women might prefer to restrict their service to the family. Thanks to the development of technology ,she can upgrade her knowledge and skills at home too . Thus enriched , she will have a hoard of information and experiences to share with her children. The children would then get mother’s touch, time and care. Such moments will be permanently engraved in their heart.

We must remember that it is not the muscle power which a man has,and which is naturally lacking in a woman, should make her weak. This strong man basks under the shade of the wise and patient woman. From the time of Adam and Eve , division of labour is the essence in creation. Man who is physically strong ,goes out to earn and takes care of the family. The woman at home ,provides a wonderful platform for the next generation. There should be no clash or comparison but acceptance. Both man and woman are wonderful as a pair to make this earth worth living.

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