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7 Easy YouTube Recipe Channels For Beginners

Super easy YouTube recipes are something we all are constantly looking for! During the lockdown, I discovered these 7 channels with recipes for beginners!

Super easy YouTube recipes are something we all are constantly looking for! During the lockdown, I discovered these 7 channels with recipes for beginners!

Locked in at home due to the corona pandemic a number of us are discovering old hobbies. Some are painting, singing, writing, and dancing while a number of us are rediscovering our lost love for cooking. And I am one of those!

I love cooking and I know how to cook for survival. The problem, however, is that I always mess up the measurements or flame requirements. When my mom was alive, she used to sit by my side and help me with measurements. She taught me how to cook. After her, I kind of stopped cooking mostly because I got really busy in life but, also because there was no one to patiently guide me.

But since the lockdown has begun, I have lots of time and I have rediscovered my love for cooking. In this rediscovery, the people who are helping me the most are YouTube cooking channels.

So here I have compiled a list of my seven favourite Indian YouTube channels that will help any beginner to move forward in the journey of cooking. These channels are the best to look out on for YouTube recipes for beginners.

Also, another thing, there are a number of YouTube recipes and channels in various different languages. However, since I only understand Hindi and English, this list only has YouTube recipes in those languages.

Easy YouTube recipes from Nisha Madhulika

Nisha Madhulika has one of the most famous cooking channels. Run by Nisha Madhulika herself this channel has more than 9 million subscribers with more than 1500 videos.

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She is one of the pioneers of Indian YouTube cooking channels who joined the platform in 2009. What I personally like about this channel is how diverse it is not only in the aspect of recipes but also on the recipes from various regions.

Kabita’s Kitchen and her easy YouTube Recipes

Kabita’s Kitchen was launched in 2014 and since the beginning, this channel has been a huge hit. Run by Kabita Singh this channel has helped many social media influencers achieve cooking goals during the quarantine.

Kabita’s Kitchen has more than 7 million followers and she has made more than 800 videos. Apart from her easy to make recipes, the best part about this channel is Kabita Singh herself.

The effortless way in which she delivers her videos is just fun to watch and feels like as if someone is right beside you and guiding you. Also, her videos generally have very easy ingredients and easily available equipment that make them the best buddy for the lazy me! Personally, she provides the best YouTube recipes for beginners.

The Terrace Kitchen

This channel is run by Priyanka and Abhijeet. Priyanka is an IT professional and an enthusiastic cook at the same time. Abhijeet helps her record the videos for the channel.

Launched in 2016 this channel so far, has, 920k subscribers. The most fascinating part about this channel is that runs in English. What I also like about this channel is that it mostly covers the modern household recipes.

Hebbars Kitchen

Hebbar’s Kitchen is all about vegetarian Indian recipes. Launchd in 2015, this channel has 3.7 million subscribers and has about 1373 videos. It’s run by Archana Hebbar who hails from Karnataka.

The best part about this channel is that the videos are very crisp and easy to do. There’s no voice-over instructions only visuals and text to explain the recipes. However, instead of complicating things, the YouTube recipes here are very easy to follow. It’s a fun watch if you are looking for quick and easy YouTube recipes for beginners.

Tarla Dalal

This list would be incomplete without Tarla Dalal’s name on it. She is one of the country’s top-chefs. And her YouTube channel launched in 2012 has 859K, subscribers and has made more than 1900 videos.

Her videos are informative with detailed instructions, but they mostly cover recipes with equipment not necessarily available in every house. That’s probably the only issue, however, if you try properly the recipes will never fail you.

Home Cooking Show and their array of YouTube recipes

Home Cooking Show run by Hema Subhramanium is also a channel that primarily runs in English. This channel started in 2013 and has 1.4 million subscribers and more than 1700 videos.

Home Cooking Show brings to you a wide range of recipes with simple cooking methods using everyday ingredients available in our kitchens. The videos are very informative and are mostly entertaining.

And the recipes are from cuisines like South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, Continental and much more. Apart from that she also has a cooking channel in Tamil and Telugu.

Cook With Parul

Cook With Parul is run by Parul Gupta. The channel launched in 2017 has 3.63 Million subscribers and more than 1000 videos. What I like about the channel is that it focuses on simple recipes with a modern touch and can be cooked with the ingredients easily available at home. Apart from YouTube recipes for beginners this channel also has Kitchen Tips & Tricks and DIY Cleaners.

So here is my personal curated and practically used, tried and tested recipe for the best YouTube recipes for beginners! Happy cooking!

Image source: screengrab from channel and edited on CanvaPro

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