Get The Step-By-Step Recipe To Making A Hearty Dish Of Patriarchy!

To make patriarchy, you don't need much- just a woman, a man and a marriage. And for the rest, do follow the recipe to patriarchy right here! 

To make patriarchy, you don’t need much- just a woman, a man and a marriage. And for the rest, do follow the recipe to patriarchy right here! 

The making of patriarchy requires, a woman from the equal stature who is brought

And wedded to a man whose price is set
With a shiny car, a coloured television,
A motorbike, countless clothes
And a bag full of bundled paper.

It is then made to simmer with,
No woman’s place on the table,
Not sitting on the same couch
Followed by not allowed to speak, unless asked.

Maybe season it with violence?

Some people even season it with
A little violence behind the doors,
Stuffing a piece of cloth in her mouth
And then beating, slapping, or even burning her.

Well, if you prefer a little more spice,
Do not un-voice her
Let her scream, yell and cry in pain
You stand and watch how patriarchy is prepared.

Then to lower flames of violence,
You impregnate her, being gentle until the final trimester
And lo!
She doesn’t bear an heir to your throne.

So you continue to simmer the dish,
You sauté it with taunts and torture,
Continuing the violence, this time louder.
Colouring her skin with bruises from belts
To make your sweet dish look sweeter
You make your way into things,
Even if they don’t want you to.

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Savour it, I am sure you’ll enjoy it!

So your little patriarchal progeny
Is prepared when she finally
Opens her legs for the birth
Bringing the essence in your life
(And proving to the world that you’re a man)
Whom you bring up with what you had been brought up.
A little humour, a little action, and a lot of inhumanity.

You serve your son to someone else’s daughter,
A price for your dish is set.
And like how everything is cooked,
Patriarchy is prepared and to the society, it is served.
Savour the dish, I know you’ll help prepare some more!

A version of this was earlier published here.

Picture credits: Still from Bollywood movie Thappad

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