Sharing This Hard-Hitting Poem On Twitter, Taapsee Asks Some Angry Questions To Everyone

“Hum to bas pravaasi hai Kya is desh ke wasi hai?” Taapsee Pannu's latest poem Pravaasi will hit your conscience and make you question your privilege.

“Hum to bas pravaasi hai Kya is desh ke wasi hai?” Taapsee Pannu’s latest poem Pravaasi will hit your conscience and make you question your privilege.

We are all aware of the current scenario. Images of migrant labourers suffering are everywhere. They are walking back home, are stranded with nowhere to go, financially badly affected with no food and resources. The government’s aids have not been helpful, police brutality is at its utmost, and one thing that no one is caring about is where do these migrants belong?

Talking about the plight of migrant labourers actor Taapsee Pannu shared a heartfelt poem on her social media. The poem ‘Pravasi’ describes the struggles of migrant labourers. 

‘Hum to bas pravasi hai Kya is desh ke wasi hai?’

With a series of animated clips, the video lists down all the gut-wrenching incidents that came to light in the past few days. From daily wage earners walking barefoot, police brutality, the 15-year-old who cycled 1200 km to the child tugging at a cloth covering his dead mother. The video makes you remember all of it and hits the human conscience. 

Taapsee captioned the video on her Instagram and Twitter saying,

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“Pravaasi. A series of pictures that probably will never leave our mind. The lines that will echo in our head for a long time. This pandemic was worse than just a viral infection for India. Hum toh bass pravaasi hai, kya is desh ke vaasi hai?” 

With the video, Taapsee narrates a heartfelt poem that makes us question what could have been done for these migrant labourers? After all what was their fault that they had to die because our system lacks sensitivity to human rights? Because we were too busy enjoying our privilege?


Her poem was praised by many people on social media, who also ask the same question.

We often tend to blame the government for not giving migrant labourers the resources they need. The governments and parties blame each other for not doing anything. Media houses and influencers share stories of migrant labourers walking and rescuing their loved ones. We make a proud success story out of some one’s humanitarian crisis.

But in all this, we tend to forget that there are people who are suffering. We tend to forget that while we are enjoying our privilege someone is out there struggling. We forget that we could have helped too but we chose not to.

So next time think twice before you withhold the full salary of your domestic help despite no work, and don’t think twice to help one in need of you can.

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