When I Discovered That Women May Have A Tertiary Sensual Organ…

I don't know if all human beings have tertiary sensual organs in their bodies or not but I recently discovered that my body has one.

I don’t know if all human beings have tertiary sensual organs in their bodies or not but I recently discovered that my body has one.

Amidst tearing my nerves and distributing them in no specific proportion between office, husband, kids, home, pet, hobby and helpers, I was finally able to give it a good shot when I was invited to be on a regional level stage as a guest of honour.

The host advised me to be camera and media ready with a sharp wit and stylish demeanour. Whatsapp and Facebook photos can be disastrous if not taken care of, so I obviously rushed to a beauty parlour.

“Ma’am what’s the occasion?” The girl behind the desk asked me as she scanned my bodily anomalies. “I have to attend a stage show where the media would be clicking me”, I replied. “Ma’am your skin is dull, your hair’s a mess and you have blackheads so the minimum I suggest is to go for hair spa and an instant glow facial”, she responded.

“Do I really need that?”

“We’ll give you a discount. It won’t cost you much and you will look amazing”. She closed the trap successfully.

My sleep and sensuality deprived state that has caused these visible flaws on my face saw this as the quick fix offer to beat the Facebook and Whatsapp stress.

As the facial progressed, my sleep deprived body caught up with the act and enjoyed a good sleep. (Facial beds and train berths are the only two places where I sleep like a pig.)

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Next, I was seated on a chair with my head tilted backwards into a basin. I was still in the state of enjoying a relaxed slumber, with my eyes closed. The soft music playing in the parlour added to my bliss. Soon, soft streams of cold water were on my scalp. Ten long, strong fingers began probing. It began making me feel orgasmic. Goose bumps arose as the fingers went up and down the scalp from the nape. Eyes shut; I reeled in the mounting pleasure.

After a long soft session of doing god knows what on my scalp with shampoo and then a thick cream, each movement, careful and calculated, gave me waves of pleasure in different wavelengths.

As the heavenly smell of the cream filled my tilted nostrils, my closed eyes were filled with sensuous assumptions. I tell you, some women’s scalp is surely a tertiary sensual organ. Is it because it’s the nearest to the brain that it senses the touch in an instant? I could sense the rising tide in my body with each move on my head.

Just then, the fingers stopped and so did the newly born orgasm, obviously premature. A steam machine engulfed my head and the next thing I knew, my orgasm was flowing out of my head in the form of perspiration.

If only men got around to learning the basics, that the way to an intelligent woman’s heart is through her head…literally!

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