When These “4 Walls Transformed Into My World”

We humans are mostly running the race on a treadmill, not reaching any further but merely living a false experience of running miles every day. 

We humans are mostly running the race on a treadmill, not reaching any further but merely living a false experience of running miles every day. 


In the beginning, COVID-19 was just another disease occupying prime time space on all the media channels; in an instant, I found myself falling prey to all the possible news inflow. It was highly consuming and only left more detrimental effects!

Just around that time, I read these words of wisdom by Mr. Satguru “what we are talking about is what we are perpetuating in our experience”. This thought seeped deep in my mind and in a jiffy, my outlook towards these trying times unexpectedly shifted.


The lockdown is not just an event, it’s an ongoing reality which does not seem to slack up anytime soon. (Unless we work together towards ending this) So I decided to set my new routine!

Yoga to Challenge myself, Meditation to calm, Reading to explore, Writing for consummation, Household Chores to aid, Cooking for fun, Work to keep going , Spending time with Family for happiness , Watching the Sunset for the soul, Taking up the Magic Practice and experience Gratitude, Netflix & Chill to unwind. This definitely sums up my new daily routine.

In my conversations with people around, I have been hearing constant nagging and cribbing about this period but honestly I couldn’t be happier with my Lockdown routine! Never in my life have I been more dedicated to doing things I love, and if not for this, what is life worth anyway?


We  have shut doors to the external world, No newspapers, No outside food, No delivery boys, No domestic help. We realised the strength of our families; we don’t really need to be dependent on anyone but family. We all have been so self sufficient, helping each other, accepting flaws, tolerating tantrums, and understanding the many moods.
We cannot imagine being locked down in any other place or country, or with a person. It’s only home where 40 days also seem like a blessing.

Yes!We are blessed and forever loaned to all the brave fighters out there working tirelessly and selflessly without looking back at their own families. We are blessed with the comforts of all the essentials like food, medicine at our disposal. We are blessed to be in a country where our government thought and acted ahead of time to save the lives of 1.3 billion people.

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The journey ahead

Every individual is tensed about their financial well-being and it’s only a natural outcome that stems due to the many uncertainties. We can, at best, trust our government, doctors and the scientists who are totally committed to control the situation. In addition, some compromises in our comforts will definitely help the ones in dire need.

Having witnessed many pandemics and economic crises in the past, we humans know the ropes pretty well!

I strongly believe that mostly all the markets are more sentiment driven and less fundamentally driven. And hence our positive sentiment on the outlook of the economy is going to make a big difference to the fundamentals!

Although, there is no denying that we will face many tribulations in our journey ahead, we should remember one thing,  we are all on the same battlefield; the time to take off and the point of departure are common to all!

‘We are in this together’, so let’s fight this together, come out of this together and survive after this together!

Image Source: Smart Indian Woman


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