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My Grand Mom

Posted: May 4, 2020

So now whenever I read about precautions for corona, I remember my grand mom and the traditions she followed.

I sent my children to school at 7 AM and immediately took out newspaper and milk from the bag tied to the gate. Later I prepared Tea and started reading the newspaper, which is my daily routine. I usually sit in a leisure chair in my small garden with a cup of tea in one hand and a newspaper in the other hand. I relish the time when I read the newspaper sipping hot Tea in the morning.

Even in the era of the internet, I prefer reading the newspaper.  I opened the paper and read the headlines, I was not shocked to read the news that the deadly virus is spreading in China. Many people are dying.  I thought a new virus has arrived in the market like Sars ,swine flu or ebola. We heard of that virus in recent times which didn’t create a major epidemic.

After a few days World health organization declared it as pandemic and issued five precautionary measures to protect ourselves from it.

Hands: Wash them often, Elbow: Cough into it, Face: don’t touch it Space: Keep safe distance, Home: Stay if you can.

I read those instructions from the newspaper .I took a trip down my memory lane.

During my childhood , my maternal grandmother used to visit our place quite often. She was in another city. Whenever she visited our place, she used to stay for a month or two and spend quality time with her daughter (My mother).Whenever she visited our place, She used to bring guavas, roasted poha( beaten rice) and besan laddu. We were happy to wait for our grand mom just to relish yummy guavas, poha and besan laddus.

During her stay in our home, I could observe a sharp change in our lifestyle. My mom used to stop bringing onions from the shop. Garlic was never part of the kitchen.

Religious customs was strictly followed, it is mandatory to take bath before cooking or eating. Whoever comes from outside should strictly wash their legs and hands outside and enter the house.

My mom and grand mom used to wash their hands quite often, and several other customs were followed. I hated those customs whenever she visited our house. I always argued with my mom to explain its significance. I always considered it as superstitions.

I loved the extra care and affection from my grand mom, best part of my grand mom’svisit.

So now whenever I read about precautions for corona, I remember my grand mom and the traditions she followed. Now, I clearly understood the significance of the customs followed in our culture, which I used to consider those traditions as superstitions, but now it is getting evident that scientific knowledge involved in our traditions. Though we didn’t know its significance we are still following it faithfully.

Image Credits: Pixabay

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