‘Love Yourself First’ And 4 Other Lessons These Kickass Women From Bollywood Movies Taught Me

Bollywood finally has some female characters who aren't mere eye candy, each one with her own message. Here are 5 lessons I learnt from these badass women!

Bollywood finally has some female characters who aren’t mere eye candy, each one with her own message. Here are 5 lessons I learnt from these badass women!

There are only a few movies made in Bollywood where the female character was more than just eye candy! Films like Mardani, Piku, Kahaani, proved to us how women can also deliver blockbuster movies.
So, here’s a list of some of my favourite female characters in Bollywood- the ones who taught me lessons on life, love, and self!

Rani from Queen- the essence of self-love

Kangana Ranaut did real justice to the role Rani. Her kickass performance in Queen teaches us some amazing life lessons that we can count for years.

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The small-town girl Rani aka Queen made us realize that your happiness isn’t dependent on a man. And sometimes, living on your own can help you to meet your true self. Rani told us that the secret to happiness is to embrace who you are. She broke all the stereotypes and goes alone to her honeymoon like a strong woman.

She beautifully shows us the value of friendship! In a completely unknown country, she created some beautiful bonds.

Piku from Piku- the essence of feminism

Brilliantly directed by Soojit Sircar, Piku shuts down the entire society’s regressive thoughts as it proves how daughters can single-handedly take care of their parents.

For Deepika Padukone as Piku, marriage and babies are not the ultimate goal. Her financially and sexually independent, character teaches us to build our own identities!

Piku showed us that women must not feel guilty about their sexual desires and liberty. She showed us that it is okay to be career-driven even in your thirties. Women need not limit their dreams for the sake of marriage, family responsibilities, or any social burdens.

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And, finally, our parents can be difficult to handle when they are old and they will emotionally blackmail you to get things done! But, it’s absolutely okay. We should never give up on them even in their crankiest moments!

Sashi from English Vinglish-  the essence of self-identity

“When you don’t like yourself. You tend to dislike everything connected to you. New things seem to be more attractive.” Sashi is a middle-class housewife who is on a quest to find her own identity. She taught us that love without respect is meaningless. Sashi showed us that age and language can’t be a barrier to your dreams.

Your identity is what defines you and you should not lost it no matter what. All women must understand that marriage is not the end of their dreams and career, and to always keep your head held high.

The only way to find happiness is by loving yourself. Sashi was courageous enough to break all the stereotypes and appreciate her uniqueness.

Neerja from Neerja- the essence of bravery

“Sir main sirf apna kaam kar rahin ho, apna farz nibha rahi hoon. Jaise aap apna nibha rahe hain.” (Sir, I am merely doing my job, fulfilling my duty. Just like you are.)

Neerja needs special mention on this list. This is probably the only movie where Sonam Kapoor gave her the best performance till date! When Neerja chooses to sacrifice her own life over others, she taught me that nothing is above humanity.

In the end, caste and religions are nothing in front of humanity. Neerja portrayed the true meaning of gender equality through her character. She was loyal to her duty.

Oh, and how can I not talk about the heart touch song “Jeete Hai Chal!” It still gives me all the chills!

Aditi from YJHD- the essence of maturity

Though Naina was the central character in YJHD, I fell in love with her best friend- Aditi! Aditi was fierce and showed us that sometimes the one we love may not love us back. She taught us that it is perfectly okay, that it is perfectly okay to let them go.

Aditi showed us that moving on doesn’t have to be ugly; that in the end, you will find someone worthy of your love. “Simple hai, kuch logo ke sath sirf waqt bitane se hi sab kuch theek ho jata hai.” (It’s simple. You only have to spend time with certain people and things seem fine)

Could you relate to any of these? Do let me know!


Picture credits: Stills from the movies mentioned in the piece

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