Follow These 9 Menstrual Hygiene Tips To Have A Healthy Happy Period!

Though conversations about periods are finally taking place around us, menstrual hygiene is still hush hush. So here's 9 hygiene tips to a healthier period.

Though conversations about periods are finally taking place around us, menstrual hygiene is still hush hush. So here’s 9 hygiene tips to a healthier period.

An average woman will have approximately 450 periods in her lifetime! That’s a lot, isn’t it? And yet, the period talk is a hush-hush topic in our country.

We talk about body hygiene, beauty treatment, and what not. But menstruation is still a neglected topic. Most Indian teenagers and women are still ashamed to talk about their period openly.

In rural areas, women still aren’t taught to care about their menstrual hygiene. Both men and women should be aware of the consequences of the poor menstrual practice. It can lead to cervical cancer, urinary tract infection (UTI), reproductive tract infections, and much more.

So here I am mentioning nine important tips all women should swear by during their periods.

Choose your sanitation method

Today’s women have several options to choose their preferable sanitation method. Sanitary napkins, menstrual cups, tampons, you can choose according to your own comfort.

Whatever sanitation method you select, try to be loyal to it. Changing sanitation methods frequently is a strict no-no! Try to stick with one brand that matches your demands and comfort.

Change regularly

How often do you change your sanitary pad or tampon? Seven to eight hours? Or you wear it for an entire day? Maybe you’re busy with work or attending a party. Whatever your excuse is don’t forget to change your pad at least every four to five hours, and tampons every two hours.

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Menstrual blood gets contaminated with your body’s organisms and genital sweat. This can cause skin infections, rashes, or even UTI. Even in the days of average to low flow, you have to change regularly.

Don’t use soap or other products

Your vagina is more complicated than your toxic ex! So you have to understand it properly. Many of you may be using soap or other hygiene products during these times, which is a terrible idea.

Your vagina has its own system to clean itself. It balances the good and bad bacteria. Using soap down there may kill the good bacteria and cause infection. So avoid using soap in your vagina. Instead, use lukewarm water to clean it.

Wash regularly

Bad odour and skin diseases are the last things you want during your period. So, it is crucial to wash your vaginal area regularly. You can use tissues too, for removing the excess blood.

Use the right technique to wash

You may not know it, but most of you may be washing your genitals the wrong way. Always clean from the front to the back. Never wipe in the opposite direction. If you wash from your back to front, the bacteria from your anus may contract your vaginal area, resulting in a number of infections.

Proper discarding of the sanitary product

Never flush or throw your sanitary napkin or tampon in an open place. Not only do they smell foul, but are also capable of spreading deadly infections. Always wrap it up before discarding it. And sanitise your hands properly after that.

Pad rash

The wet feeling and heavy flow during your period can cause pad rash. It generally occurs if you don’t change your pad regularly. To keep this problem at bay, try to keep yourself dry during your period days.

If you encounter pad rash, apply antiseptic ointment after your bath and before heading to bed. And if it still doesn’t heal the rash, contact a dermatologist.

Bathe regularly

Well, saying bathe regularly may seem totally obvious to you, but some times when you are on your period, bathing feels daunting. Also, in several rural places, women have a norm that bathing during the period is prohibited.

Keep your private parts and whole body clean, it is essential to bathe regularly. Also, bathing with warm water might give you relief from menstrual cramps and backaches.

 Be prepared

We often forget to keep track of our period. It is essential to know the menstrual cycle. For this, you can install any app that keeps a record of your period and notifies you in advance.

It is crucial to keep an extra stock of sanitary napkins, tampons, towels, sanitiser, antiseptics, medications just to be prepared.

Menstrual hygiene is vital for your health. Break the stigma around it, and learn to take care of your body. Periods are a celebration of womanhood, it’s not a thing to hide from society. So, promise yourself to follow these hygiene tips and break the silence. Period!

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