For The Boys Locker Room, We Are The Problem AND The Solution!

This is a conversation we need to have. We as a society really need to introspect. How do we solve this problem of patriarchy?

This is a conversation we need to have. We as a society really need to introspect. How do we solve this problem of patriarchy?

Patriarchy and subjugation is all not natural. It is learned. And that means it can be unlearned too. And we need to unlearn all these toxic norms urgently.

Boys will be boys, girls will be girls. No. We all need to learn to be more human.

We’re all stuck in these suffocating boxes of gender. Where one box is suppressing the other. This needs to stop. Let everyone be who they want to be.

We are all a part of the problem. And thus we all need to be a part of the solution. Let’s do this together please. Let us all strive for a more inclusive, healthy society.

My eyes get heavy
And so does my heart,
Scrolling through
Endless cases of rape, assault
And bois locker rooms.

And I wonder
Where we
As a society
Went wrong.

Did it all start
Back then
When as kids,
Girls were told to be
Shy, decent and servile,
And boys were taught
Not to cry?

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Was it when we saw all our life
Women at the beck and call of men
And boys feeling proud
To show their so-called power as a man
And beat her with all those words and hands.

When was it that bodies
Began to be objectified,
Just an object of pleasure to seek,
Where jokes were sneakily passed,
But hey, the joke’s on you,
If that’s what your humour’s stooping down to.

Where we, in the midst of all that math,
Science and language,
Forgot to teach our kids
To be human
And respect people at the least.

You might say patriarchy is normal,
For it’s the norm,
But well, it’a not ‘natural’
To just crush a whole gender
As if they weren’t human.
It’s not natural,
It’s toxic,
For all involved in the equation,
It is simply not right!

Patriarchy is unnatural,
Feminism is natural, free-flowing,
Where we put people on an equal footing,
Treat them all as human beings
And let them be what they want to be,
That’s all we really want!

When will we understand,
That if these inhuman behaviours
Have been taught,
We need to educate people,
To unlearn all the toxic norms.

It is time we tackle the roots
And educate,
Speak to the mind,
For change is not just important,
It is necessary.
Else we will continue to fail
As a society.

We are all the problem
And we all need to be the solution,

Is this a problem that needs to be solved? Why do you think this problem came about? How do you think we can address it? What do you think?

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