Husbands Are Helping Their Wives During Lockdown, But What After That?

The lockdown has seen many husbands (though not enough) step up and share the load of house work. But what will happen after this is over?

The lockdown has seen many husbands (though not enough) step up and share the load of house work. But what will happen after this is over?

We will never forget these days of lockdown because many of us are spending such long holidays just staying at home all by ourselves. Nobody is going out and nobody is coming home.

But is this a holiday time for women too? Most will answer ‘NO’, but why? Because their day starts with work and ends with work.

Children are not going to schools and mummies are going mad. Every nook and corner of the house is either painted or messed up by children. Be it floors or walls, nothing is left untouched. No matter how clean the house is, it becomes the same mess by evening.

Now, in such a situation how can anybody not get annoyed?

Husband who are not helping but just creating chaos

Some husbands instead of helping their wives, are creating more mess for them and behaving like children.

I wish they could see that their wife is a human being first, and she also needs rest like any other human being. These husbands are just sitting on sofas and yelling “darling, make this or that”!

Guys, just go out and see how much work is out there that you wife is handling.

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Husbands who are helping hands

We are not saying that every husband is acting like this. Some sweet husbands are managing household work along with their wives because they understand that it’s their responsibility too.

Husband and wife are two wheels of family life, so they need to tackle most ups and downs together. If your wife cooks food you wash the dishes. If she washes clothes you dry them. If she feels tired why can’t you make tea for her? A partnership should be like this, otherwise only one will be overburdened with work.

Those wives whose husbands are helping them are expressing their happiness through social media. Be it Facebook, Twitter or tik-tok, videos of husbands are all over these platforms. Gharwali (wife) is so happy with her husband that she is posting videos happily. Some are washing clothes; others are washing dishes or cooking happy meals for their wives. But think – wives are admiring even the smallest task done by their husbands, but when they do all this every day, do the husbands even appreciate them?

Not just women’s work

We live in a society where we grow up with this mentality that household chores like sweeping, washing utensils, cooking should be done only by the women of the family, but it’s high time that this thought process is discouraged.

In modern society women are not just managing their house but also work in office. This puts double pressure on them, and husbands can play a very important role by assisting them in house chores. Even a homemaker women does 100 times more work than your office which you might have never noticed.

Just promise yourself that you will help your wife. Wives are also requested not to make husbands lazy by taking everything over; ask them to work. There is no need to work tirelessly and burden yourself with so much work.

So to sum up

In this scenario, there are three categories of husbands. One who in lockdown have understood very well that his wife works all day and they have to share their workload.

Second are those who are just working in lockdown days because either they are bored or to get appreciation. Guys, it is good that you have helped your wives, but this should be a part of your routine.

And third are those who are not working at home now, haven’t worked earlier, and won’t work after. So I just pray for them.

Image source: a still from the short film Suno

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