Believe In Your Own Magic And Let The Queen Within You Emerge!

The child in you who believed in magic and love, seems to be gone and forgotten. Why not revive it and bring it out and see yourself become your own queen?

The child in you who believed in magic and love, seems to be gone and forgotten. Why not revive it and bring it out and see yourself become your own queen?

Within every woman is a queen, waiting for the opportune moment to emerge once she realises her royalty. She rises, breaking her metallic rusty chains, her own orthodox views of how a woman should always be kept in place. And refuses to be confined within her ‘laxman rekha.’ It has to be a leap from the ordinary to the extraordinary. And is a small step which seems gigantic and marathon-like.

It is almost like a hurdle and obstacle race. The kind we had in school- where we jumped over fences and went around detours with our childlike innocence and complete ease and flexibility.

We believed in the story of Cinderella where things could transform over night, and believed in love, magic and the miracles of the universe. And we believed it could give us everything we dreamt of- no matter how impossible it seemed. Maybe like catching the moon and the stars.

And then comes logic…

Then came the logical explanations from wise and experienced people who told us to crouch low, stop dreaming. They told us that things are difficult, life is a struggle, you have to work hard for success. And made us believe things like you do not have the abilities, talents and the right connections and so on. At a later stage, we were given helpful and valuable advice to be an adjusting daughter-in-law, housewife and perfect mother.

And as obedient children, we believed them whole-heartedly with conviction. From then on, the route of our journey altered the course of action drastically. We left our innocent sparkle of the magic behind and trudged along the path to an unknown destination with baggage and a heavy heart.

All the love for ourselves, others, for divine forces and energies, the beautiful love for God was trampled in one go. We left the memories of the ‘queen’ behind. Locked her away in a treasure chest up in the attic with layers of dust and fears.

Go redefine yourself

The childhood obstacle race is long gone. Now we have to conquer our own mental chasm of despair, fear of the unknown, negative beliefs and blocks. And our own unwillingness to succeed.

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After crossing all the doubts and fears of the mind, a sea of change comes over us. What if we could rearrange ourselves to become greater, happier, full of love, successful, beautiful and more abundant than we’ve ever been? Yes, it is possible!

Now the metamorphosis happens!

So let us recreate that awe, wonder, and amazement back into our lives and allow the ‘queen’ within us to come alive. Let us help us and others live the most magnificent and royal journey that has awaited us since forever!

A version of this was first published here.

Picture credits: Still from Bollywood movie Tumhari Sulu

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