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The Many Facets Of Me

Posted: February 13, 2020

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I am the cool breeze,

A whiff of fresh air,

Nature’s pure embodiment,

A disciple’s prayer.

I am the fleeting cloud

Across the blue sky,

The angelic newborn’s

Wail and shrill cry.

At times I do fret

And so much worry,

Do all the chores

In a great hurry.

Other times to God

I happily surrender,

Receive his magic

And miraculous wonder.

At times I am child-like

And sometimes so mature,

A reservoir of peace and calm,

So much I stoically endure.

At times, I’m sad, morose,

Other times, happy, carefree,

Sometimes I like being alone,

Another time in conpany.

Occasionally, I gorge on puchkas, 

Unhealthiest to be seen,

At times, relish salads, nuts,

Seeds and healthy green.

I write long, mystical

And nostalgic verse,

Other times it’s short,

Concise and terse.

I am not just five feet

With a built so small,

In reality I am a

Pure and powerful soul.

I am loving, so caring

And the best friend,

With everyone else,

I do easily blend.

All these days, my writing

Acumen lay in slumber,

Now it awakens deeply with

A new frenzied fervour.

No more bondages, doubts,

I throw away the fears,

In the fire that rages within

And a barrage of tears.

Being downtrodden, subdued,

Giving away my power,

All my dreams and visions

With ease to another.

Tears of frustration, anger

Flowing from my eyes,

All the fears I held tightly

Was courage in disguise.

Why should I let destiny

Be my sole destination?

By living scared, low

And in procrastination.


A ball of erupting fire,

Raging, seething within,

When I see injustice to

My dear dear sistren.

At last, I found myself

As true as can be,

Reading about other women,

Emerged the real me.

I have awakened to

My full potential,

Still trying to arouse

Many a slumbering soul.

This sums it all, my

Persona come and see,

In totality this is me,

So many facets of me!

Image via Pixabay

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