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Oh Woman, You Matter!

Posted: March 17, 2020

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Just when you thought, you were not that wise,

Just when you thought, the days were not bright;

Just when you thought, you were pushed to the edges,

Just when you thought, you had burned the bridges;

Just when you thought, it is impossible to outrun your past,

Just when you thought, life is a deep dark hole…that has left you aghast;

Just when you thought, these thoughts are undermined…mean to you & outrageously vile,

Just when you thought, you are phenomenal…cried thousand tears but triumph every trial;

Just when you thought, nothing can sabotage your inner-strength and the soul, that is free..

Just then you arise, awake and emerge out to be…what you want to be…

Just then all those mumbling voices swirling around your head will go numb,

Just then you will see the inside light, whose presence you had never fathom;

Just then you will come out breaking all the shackles…an outcry will be heard, as loud as a shatter..

For you are the woman with unparalleled courage, a woman with identity, a woman of character…

May your power be celebrated & honoured…for you deserve it! You are worth it! And you matter!

May someone somewhere reading this finds solace, courage and inspiration in these words😊 #womanwhomatters

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