Namita Sinha

She is an enthusiast who loves donning several caps. She is an Anchor, Voice-artist & a Radio-Jockey by Profession, who likes exploring into her strengths and writing is one of them. She believes in the magic of words and is of the view that kind & beautiful words can heal the world. She loves rain and fragrance of wet soil gives her altogether a different kind of high :)

Voice of Namita Sinha

A Mom Is Just Doing What Is Expected, While A Dad Only ‘Babysits’ His Own Child? 

Dads too have a right to being a parent - can we have baby care rooms in public spaces that are accessible to Indian fathers too, please?

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For I Am That Girl Who Knows How To Smile

When aspirations lead the way, there is no stopping you!

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Thanks Maa! Trust Me, You Have Done A Good Job! [#Poetry]

This poem speaks of mothering done right, empowering a daughter to emerge from her cocoon and find her wings...

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Safeguard Your Eyesight With These 7 Simple Habits To Prevent Eye Problems

A good eyesight is a blessing that we often take for granted. Prevent eye problems with these simple tips that can easily become good habits. 

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Do Not Disturb Me! And Other Things You Should Never Say To Your Child

Parenting needs a lot of love and patience. There are some things you should never say to raise a happy and confident child!

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What Are The Eight Amazing Benefits Of Eating Mangoes?

Summer time is coming to an end, and with it, mango season! Unravel the eight astonishing benefits of eating mangoes. 

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How Happiness Can Be Attained By Striking A Balance Between The Mind And The Heart

Happiness is a state of mind but has so much to do with our heart. Striking a balance between heart and mind is key to one’s happiness.

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Discover These ‘Happy Foods’ – Eat Your Way To Happiness!

There are several 'happy foods' - mood elevating foods that work by righting many things in our body, helping us discover the feeling of happiness from within.

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