9 Lessons I Learnt During The Tough Coronavirus Times

While the world battles COVID-19, people are realising the importance of taking things slow. Here are 9 lessons the author learnt during this trying time.

While the world battles COVID-19, people are realising the importance of taking things slow. Here are 9 lessons the author learnt during this trying time.

What a start for the new year- the most awaited 2020. It isn’t a nuclear bomb or aliens that have evaded our planet, but a virus that we can’t see or even sense. The entire human race is bowing down to a virus.

Our big brains build satellites for communication, nukes for wars, missiles for attacks, safety fighter jets artilleries. But who would have thought a microbe would pose a threat on this scale. We are in the response phase. To contain it, the need of the hour is to keep in mind the health and medical facilities currently available in our country. But more than that, this outbreak and the pandemic has taught us a number of things.

Here are nine of the things this outbreak taught me.

Time to think of biology

We are humans, a successive species on earth. But in the end, we are bound to nature’s rules. We are still biological. This is the only relation we have with our planet. Nothing else defines us. This is the reality and we are scared to face the reality. Now is the chance to pause and reflect on our self. On who we truly are.

To sort out our priorities

All of us have a goals, ambitions, and dreams. These may come true and some may leave scars. This outbreak has taught us to sort out our priorities and figure out the immediate need. And we are not surprised to find that all our immediate needs are completely natural. That, despite it all, we are running towards something bigger.

To bring out the ‘human’ in us

If you think education makes us civilised, I have to disagree. This phase has brought out some of the most inhuman instances to date. Of course we are animals biologically.

When there is a fight for survival we kill each other. Doctors fighting day and night to help the people are harassed. There are other people who have begun the ‘untouchability’ and calling other names. We have started showing our true colours.

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Every person’s goal has become, “I want to survive, no matter what.”

Time to reflect on our resources

We are big nation with several resources. But we also have a large number of people. Not everything we have is enough for everyone. Some people are privileged to get what they want.

Unfortunately or fortunately, this time of crisis made me think about the people who cannot afford to be at home. So I just started to count on my resources.  I also noticed some of flatmates started growing greens, veggies, making their own food, and using whatever they had.

Some learnt to cook. Others extended their domestic responsibilities. They could not JUST sit at homes, they wanted to function too.


For the first time I understood my privileges. I am privileged enough to work from home, to get my supplies and a monthly salary. This just hit my head so hard right now.

Yes I am privileged. I have crossed my hurdles to come this point. But I am privileged to have a decent meal while watching TV in this hour of crisis.  I see people could not work and get wages. And see people struggle with their laptops and connections.

I see mothers struggle with their kids and families without enough space to accommodate everyone. And I see women struggle with twice the burden. I have not experienced any struggle except that I did not get transport to get to office on time.

And I call this a privilege- I have rations for the next week. I did not have to travel in the buses to go home or rush to railway stations. And I am at home watching it all.

This ‘bang’ flashed all my privileges. It also flashed the human in me. Somewhere I was ashamed to watch them. I am sure many of us feel the same.

Sustainability/ Responsible consumption

This time when I went to buy rations, I was more sensible and did not buy any junk. I couldn’t think of buying even biscuits. Before leaving, I’d made up my mind to buy only essentials.

The scene of the women involved in waste management came into my mind. I could not buy things which generate a lot of trash. Even at a time like this, these women are working. That too, without any protection.

This thought was like a slipper shot on my face. I noticed some other people being responsible in their shopping without any force. They did not care to buy the trash stuff.

Pollution and hygiene

I believe the air quality has improved to some extent. Emissions are lowered. Automobile industries stopped their manufacture. Sometimes nature starts to reset the world. It also reminded of personal hygiene which is not just washing hands. People have started thinking about other health factors.

More importantly the children are being taught to be responsible in their homes. People are driving more responsibly because of fuel shortage. So it is proved that, if need be, we can shut down systems to save the planet. It is so not ‘impossible’ as some world leaders claimed.

Patriotism in its real sense

I think we have all realised what true patriotism is. It is not the physical aggression or guns but understanding our duties as a responsible citizen.

Life is very short

We must forget our differences and be empathetic. When our life is so defined by a virus, it is high time we swept off our silly behaviours and evil thoughts.

Time for the humankind to take back human life from the world that has been heavily commercialised. Nature has provided the space and time to revive the forgotten traits of humankind- humanity and kindness.

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