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A Deep Dive Into The Great Indian Hypocrisy That Makes Everything Clear

The Great Indian Kitchen provided us the opportunity to look at ourselves and brought up the important question: why do we continue to enslave women, mentally and physically? 

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When Will Everyone Understand That Sanitary Pads Are A Non-Negotiable Essential?

Sanitary supplies are still considered a 'luxury' by most men who do not understand why they are critical, a result of the silence around periods.

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In A Country Where Marital Rapes Are STILL A Reality, Jokes On Unwanted Pregnancies Are NOT Funny!

Society's toxic norms have resulted in several unwanted pregnancies. We get pregnant only for the society, not for the child or for want of a family.

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Little Jamalo Tried To Walk A 100 Kms Home, But We Failed Her…

Due to the lockdown and the lack of thought for migrant workers, thousands have walked all the way to their homes. One of them, was little Jamalo.

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9 Lessons I Learnt During The Tough Coronavirus Times

While the world battles COVID-19, people are realising the importance of taking things slow. Here are 9 lessons the author learnt during this trying time.

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Tamil film Draupathi
Tamil Film Draupathi Promotes Casteism And Rape, Masked As Protection Of ‘OUR’ Women

Years of effort to dismantle the caste system goes waste in 2hrs 40mins of watching the Tamil film Draupathi that promotes misogynist and casteist violence.

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