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Confession Of A Mother: My Angel Is Not Safe

Posted: February 13, 2020

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I am a mother. A mother of 3 years old. My toddler has developed wings and is ready to fly out of her nest. Soon she will be going to school. But I wish I could keep her under my patronage forever. I fear to leave her alone; I fear to let her go…

I fear that the world outside is not safe. The world outside lives in terror. In the disguise of angels, there are rapists waiting to steal her innocence, to assault her and to murder her. And God knows which school, temple or bus stand will become the next target of terrorists. One of my friend whose child leaves for school every morning once said, “Every day when he leaves for school, I pray for his safety, and when he comes back, I thank God. Just a few minutes in the delay of his arrival steals my heartbeat”.

For most of the common people, their world is their family and friends. They are already a victim of our Government, religious leaders, inflation, recession and what more. And to crush their already broken
backbone, they or their family members become the target of terrorist attacks. Our daughters are harassed, raped and then brutally killed.
One of my nephews once questioned me, “Massi, why does a person die?’
“When God loves someone, he calls them”, I replied.

But, I am sorry there is more to tell him when a bomb blasts common people die. When a girl is raped, her soul dies. When a family member dies, the whole family dies. When innocent people die, humanity die.

The image is a still from the movie No One Killed Jessica

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