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Confession Of A Mother: My Angel Is Not Safe

I fear to leave her alone; I fear to let her go…

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donated sperm
“Ma’am, My Wife Doesn’t Know That Our Daughter Is Born Of A Donated Sperm!”

In a society that kills girl babies, where women are stigmatised for infertility, here is a father who went ahead and got a daughter born of his wife with a donated sperm.

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How Do I Help My Maid’s Daughter Get Out Of This Cycle Of Ignorance And Violence?

The story of an unwanted and unwarranted discord between myself and a 5 year old - my maid's daughter, who I wish had better opportunities in life.

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No, I Cannot Spend My Whole Life Cleaning My House!

Does only a super clean house make a worthy woman? What if I wanted to do more fulfilling things instead of dusting and mopping everyday?

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