Like Every Indian Bahu… Meghan Markle Is Blamed For Breaking Up The Family!

Meghan Markle is the one who is assigned most of the blame for the couple's decision to exit from British Royalty. Isn't this unfair?

Meghan Markle is the one who is assigned most of the blame for the couple’s decision to exit from British Royalty. Isn’t this unfair?

“10 times Meghan broke the royal rules!”
“Meghan leaves British royalty and urges her husband to do so!”
“Why did Meghan leave?”

These are some of the headlines I have been coming across over the internet ever since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced the world about stepping away from royalty.

And ever since the news broke, social media has been having a field day and the news does not seem to die down anytime soon. The comments from social media users have been rather unpleasant and unwanted.

Why is only Meghan targeted?

A lady had commented this over a Facebook post: “Meghan is a manipulative bitch and is here to destroy our British royalty.”

When I read the lady’s comment about the Sussexes’ exit, I felt very uneasy and thought about how women themselves are against other women.

There was one twitterati whose tweet was so cheap that I felt my blood boil. The tweet read “Divorce is not new for Meghan. I don’t see a future in this relationship. My heart goes out to Harry.”

When I read all those comments and headlines, it made me think as to why only Meghan is being targeted.

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Away from the spotlight, we do not know what happens or goes behind those closed doors of British royalty, infact any family for that matter.

Yet we take the liberty to comment and pass judgements about such situations. We are quick enough to blame and shame the woman if there is even a slight crack in the establishment of a family.

What if this is Harry’s decision?

It could have been Harry’s decision to move out of the royalty and settle down with his family elsewhere. Why do we have to always jump to conclusions and shame and name call a woman who we do not even know at a personal level.

Even if Meghan wanted to move out of her in-laws’ house, she has every right to do so. What is wrong in it? She could have had her own reasons to do so. The rigid rules of the British royalty could have affected her or the pressure of media was taking a toll on her mental health or she just wanted to live her life with her husband and child. How does that matter to us?

The hypocrisy of the society would never cease to amaze me. If the same decision of moving out of British royalty was taken by Harry before marriage, he would have been hailed as a hero. Since this happened post wedding, the woman is responsible for all the fiasco and Harry is innocently being trapped.

A woman’s right to set up her own home

According to me, every woman has the right to live the way she wants and wherever she wants. There is no rigid rule that a woman post marriage has to live only with her in-laws.

If a woman wants to move out of her in-laws house, she is not a house breaker or a bitch. She is just a normal woman who wants to live life independently. She has every right to live her life her way, just like how men have this right.

The world can be a mean place sometimes, especially when it comes to women. People think they can have a say in every decision that a woman takes. But the need of the hour is women standing up for women. Let us keep that negativity away and support a woman who wants to do something different from what is already being done by her peers.

When the judgemental attitude towards a woman reduces, this world will automatically become a better place for us to live.

Live and let live!

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