For A Country Obsessed With Virginity – A Pill Now To Help You Fake Your Virgin Blood!

Virgin! The relevance of this word is a lot in our society. So much so that now there is a pill to fake blood to prove virginity for that 'first night.'

Virgin! The relevance of this word is a lot in our society. So much so that now there is a pill to fake blood to prove virginity for that ‘first night.’

Our society is obsessed with the concept of getting a virgin wife. To the point where families getting their future daughters-in-law to take the test of virginity is pretty common. For women, the pressure of being a virgin to get married is so high that they some times have to get a hymenoplasty (temporary regeneration of the hymen) done.

So, not particularly surprisingly, for the ones who cannot get a hymenoplasty done, there is some ‘fake blood’ that they can use. For the first night of the marriage, women can now use fake blood. Yes, you read that right.

In a tweet going viral on twitter, this user shared a picture of the product I-Virgin Blood for the first night being sold on the online retailer Amazon.

As the name suggests the product makes you look ‘virgin’ for the first night of the marriage. It produces fake blood giving your husband the assurance that he is the first person to break your hymen.

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The hymen doesn’t assure virginity

The myth that a ‘bleeding bride’ on her ‘suhag raat’ is a virgin, is not just disgusting but illogical too! A hymen is a thin membrane that partially covers the vaginal opening and when it breaks there is a little blood flow. Simply because it covers the vagina, many relate it to the assurance of virginity.

This entire concept is flawed because the hymen can also break due to activities like horse riding, extensive exercise and using tampons. Hymen breaking doesn’t happen just because of sex.

Obsession with the ‘Virgin Bahu’

Indian men are insecure when it comes to female sexuality. For the women are as good as their bodies. A young woman is desirable, a well-endowed woman is sexy.

But when it comes to matrimony, only a chaste woman will do, because it signifies that she has never been touched by another man. Our society’s obsession with virginity conveys how it assesses brides on the basis of their sexual experience or lack thereof, and not by their qualities.

The ‘virgin bride’ obsession is such that several women lie about their sexuality or use methods like hymenoplasty or fake blood! All of this is because a woman with a sexual life is considered to be impure. And thus, is a matter of embarrassment.

My vagina is NOT your property!

This entire concept is a representation of our patriarchal and misogynistic society. The obsession with a virgin bride shows a virgin vagina is considered as some uncharted land that men proclaim as their own. A vagina is considered a property, that men want to claim their rights upon.

Our society needs to understand that women’s virtues and qualities are not represented by their hymen.

Virgin or not, it is her choice and it should not be a reason to judge her qualities.

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