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6 Things Happening At Work That Are Harassment, And Not Your Fault…!

Women who are repeatedly harassed by men start thinking that maybe something is wrong with them. To those women, I say: it is not your fault!

Women who are repeatedly harassed by men start thinking that maybe something is wrong with them. To those women, I say: it is not your fault!

Dear young women,

It is not your fault if a creepy old man from your Facebook list starts pinging you after seeing your pics with your friends (male or female). He is the creep, not you. Remove him and warn those who know him. Even if it is a relative.

It’s not your fault if the ‘driver on-call’ you hired starts chatting excessively on your car rides because he saw your pics on facebook and thinks you are a “certain” kind of girl. Just change the driver and move on.

It is not your fault if a former colleague, now married with a kid, sees your picture with another male colleague and thinks you are ‘easy game’ and asks you out to dinner. Ask him, “will your wife be joining us”? It’s that person’s own dirty brain for thinking something shady is going on with you and the guy whose picture is up on Facebook. Remove him from your FB friends’ list, and tell your friends about it.

It’s not your fault if some old creepy married boss asked you to wear a short skirt during your internship at an ad agency. Be aware and report him. It’s a good thing that millennials are so much more aware these days and the creep would soon find himself in a POSH committee hearing.

It’s not your fault if a creepy old married dude reads between the lines (of your copy, imagining it is for him!) every time you submit your copy for approval at your workplace.

It is not your fault if a former school mate (male) sends you a perverted joke full of sexual innuendos. Block him and move on. Tell your friends about it, so that they don’t fall prey.

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If it’s not your fault, then why is it happening? The same man who acts a certain way toward his wife at home is out in the workplace looking for ‘fresh meat’ to pass his time.

Who is going to tell that man that no one is interested in his creepy overtures and he is going to face sexual harassment charges soon if he carries on that way? It will have to be you! What if that man is your boss or supervisor? How would you handle it?

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