6 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself To Build Yourself As A Brand

'Build yourself as a brand' is one of the major things every HR guru will tell you. Here are six questions you need to ask yourself to build your own brand!

‘Build yourself as a brand’ is one of the major things every HR guru will tell you. Here are six questions you need to ask yourself to build your own brand!

A year ago, I took a complete 360 degree turn, professionally. I moved from working in corporates to working as a freelance HR Strategy & Operations Consultant. Since then, I learnt a number of hard lessons, the most important one being, my journey towards Building my brand.

Here’s what struck me as a big deal on the journey:

What IS your brand?

Strip your company name(s) and job title from your resume. Now think: do you have enough key projects? What are your differentiating highlights? Do you have any challenging job responsibilities to your name? Is there anything that is reflective of you as a go-to brand?

My advice: Rework your CV at least once a year, even when you are not looking for a job change. It is a great way to introspect and know if there is anything significant you can add.

A key global project, a lateral move or promotion, perhaps even a certification, they all count. If you have none of these, it’s time to hit the pedal.

Do you have meaningful contacts?

Look at your LinkedIn profile and your contacts, now list out the ones who are your past and present colleagues. Without these on your list, do you have meaningful contacts whom you can reach out to? Or do you just have a handful few?

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My advice: Take time to step out of your office and to know more professionals in your work sphere. Expanding your network beyond direct connections will expand your world view while exposing you to new mentors. It will help encourage you to have meaningful discussions, and enhance your credibility beyond the obvious circles.

What is your USP?

Take a look at another professional in a similar role. Now, strike off each common factor (experience, education, etc.) between the two of you. Do you still have enough unique experiences, credentials, technical knowledge to speak of?

My advice: Your personal benchmarks should be a moving target. Raise your hand the next time you anticipate a unique opportunity, and look where no one is. Participate in hacking events. Be a mentor to recent college graduates. Keep an eye out for professional awards in your field. Pursue that PhD. Just make sure you don’t stop!

Jack of all trades, are you?

Look beyond your job responsibilities. Have you participated in enough diverse events, gotten involved in volunteering work or showcased your talents anywhere?

Leverage your passion and interests.

“Hiking is not exactly useful if I am an engineer,” I hear you. But maybe you wiggle your way into the employee engagement committee. Or you take the lead during team outings. If nothing, you will be displaying leadership and ownership, while rising up the popularity meter!

Is your personality enough?

What if someone were to describe you only on the basis of your personality, values and authenticity? Would you have a number of votes rooting for your humour, kindness or collaboration?

Be nice! Your role may demand you meet vendors all day or as a recruiting head, you may be rejecting a number of candidates or even as a support person interacting with the employees. No matter what your role is be nice to everyone, your actions will always find a way to circle back to you.

What does your Google page say?

If you were to be Googled, would you be happy with the result that shows up on the laptop screens?

With fast-paced technology and the growing global mindset, your digital profile is as important as your real one. Remember to update your achievements on digital platforms. Submit white papers or articles that present content, participate in online discussions.

Make your presence felt.

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