7 Types Of Volunteering Opportunities To Boost Your Morale

Volunteering opportunities are boundless. You can find volunteering jobs in every field. Many non-profit organizations employ volunteers for different roles.

Volunteering opportunities are boundless. You can find volunteering jobs in every field. Many organizations are involved in helping the society for a cause. Many non-profit organizations employ volunteers for different roles.

Many women in India have a career break and many sacrifice their career for their family. But, there is always a burning desire to have a career of our own or carve an identity for ourselves. If you are one such woman then this is just for you. If you are clueless where to relaunch your career or doubt if you are relevant for the present market, take up a volunteering activity.

You are willing to volunteer when you have the drive to help people to come out of a problem. If you are a person with social responsibility or passion to work for a cause, then volunteering is just for you.

4 Benefits of Volunteering

  1. It makes you happy: Happiness is the return for any volunteering activity. As you believe in the cause that you are supporting, it gives you satisfaction.
  2. It encourages your children: If you are a parent, then if you volunteer for an activity, your children would mostly be a part of the activity. Or, they see you do it! So, you become a role model for your children
  3. Networking: Volunteering activity helps you to connect with many people around you. You would be in a team of like-minded people without any inhibitions. You can make contacts with these activities and make new friends
  4. Improves your skills: Volunteering helps you gain confidence and it also helps you acquire new skills that come from learning.

8 Types of Volunteering Opportunities That You Can Find Anywhere!

1. Mentoring or counseling

People face difficulties all through their lives. At many times they seek the help of their friends for a piece of advice or guidance. For example, there are many communities across India which helps women to make career decisions such as Sheroes and JobsForHer.com. Women in India have career breaks and societal barriers. These communities are formed by women who have experience and expertise. Many women who have similar problems are free to address this group whenever they need help.

You can put your life’s experience to use by mentoring someone. You could be that go-to person for many.

2. Documentation

Many companies require people to help them with organizational work. That involves administration during campaigns or conducting/ participating in events. Many times we see people who help to clean the society, in saving animals, etc. They belong to an organization that supports the cause. These volunteers help to spread awareness about the cause and bring more support for their cause.

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These are short-term activities conducted mostly during weekends. So, if you have time to during weekends, you could find some of these interesting activities around you.

3. Teaching

Teaching is one of the easiest ways to volunteer. There are many volunteering opportunities to help underprivileged or physically challenged children in India. If you have a drive for this and is passionate about teaching, then there are many schools in India which recruit volunteers.

You can easily find one close to your house. You have to be committed to spending at least 2-3 hours every day.

4. Scribe

If you do not have time to volunteer for a long period, then you can be a scribe for blind children. The scribes have to write the exam on behalf of the visually challenged people. The requirement for scribes is for a very short time mostly, as and when there is an exam.

5. Support through social media

The Internet has provided a great scope for NGOs to make their voice loud and clear. They need a lot of support to make sure they reach many.

If you just have a few minutes a day to support a cause, then you can provide this by joining the social media handles of the non-profit organizations. You can participate in their social media campaigns and spread their message in your timeline. For example, the NGOs such as Beyond Carlton that spread awareness about fire safety, water conservation, etc, need a lot of people to spread their words. This is a simple task that can make a huge change in the society.

6. Skill-based volunteering opportunities

If you have skills and if you would want to develop it further, then you can find volunteering opportunities with start-ups that do not have enough funds for a skilled resource. This would be mutually beneficial. Your skills will enhance and also you are supporting an organization at its nascent stage. If they are happy with your performance, you will most likely be recruited on their rolls.

7. Community service

Another great way to volunteer is by doing a service for your community. You could be a volunteer to manage the community proceeds, or a community library, supervise the maintenance or conduct events for your community. You can also do this by joining a club which does community service, for example, rotary club.

You can find any type of volunteering activity as listed above. Before selecting a role, it is important to determine the number of hours that you can allocate for the activity and the type of work you are willing to do.

There are many websites that provide information on volunteering opportunities. You could subscribe to their posts to keep a tab on them.

Volunteering is the best step to create a sustainable society! These opportunities are one of the best ways to boost up your morale. Try a small volunteering task, you will be surprised by the benefit!

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