Sania Mirza Gets Trolled For Not Taking Care Of Son’s & Husband’s Diet! When Will Schooling Moms Stop?

Tennis star Sania Mirza was judged because people assumed that she took her son to eat junk food and was being negligent towards Shohaib Malik's diet. When will trolling Sania Mirza for Pakistan's poor performance stop?

Tennis star Sania Mirza was judged because people assumed that she took her son to eat junk food and was being negligent towards Shohaib Malik’s diet. When will trolling Sania Mirza for Pakistan’s poor performance stop?

It’s not new for Sania Mirza to get trolled and judged for Pakistan’s poor performance. She even gets trolled for not raising her son properly like a “good mom” by the society.

Recently, Pakistan had a humiliating loss against India in the world cup match. This hasn’t gone down well with the Pakistani fans.

Some fans released photos of players like Shoaib Malik, Imad Wasim, and Wahab Riaz enjoying a night before the match versus India with Sania Mirza. She was also trolled by actress Veena Malik for taking her son Izhaan to party and have junk food, and even for “not taking care of the diet of her husband”.

Veena’s accusations went on different levels. She not only raised a question on Sania’s parenting skills but also accused her of being negligent towards Shoaib Malik’s diet.

Sania too responded and slammed Veena for that. Because how she raises her kid is “no one’ s business” and “she is not Pak team’s mother to be monitoring it”.

This has raised a question of how society feels it is OK to school women all the time.

A mom knows the best!

It’s not new for women to be schooled for not parenting their kids properly. From Shveta Salve to Sania Mirza and the ordinary mom, they have been trolled for this. Sania was trolled and tagged as “not a good mom” even when she was pregnant. We need to understand that a mother who gives 9 months for a life to nurture inside her is the best person to understand and care for that life.

No one can understand a child better than her mom especially not the people out there in the society who have no clue what the actual picture is like. Also, parenting is not just a mother’s job it involves both ‘parents’ and it should not only be the mother who should be held responsible and termed as a ‘bad mom’.

From time to time mothers are often judged for being a bad influence for their kids which is completely wrong. A mother knows the best about her child and it not necessary that this good comforts the mentality of society. We need to accept this.

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