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“I Am Pregnant And That’s Not A Disease,” Sania Mirza Slams Trolls On Twitter

Trolls have been giving Sania Mirza unwanted advice on her pregnancy, even shaming her for being 'out there in this condition'. She tweeted back, educating them that pregnancy is not something to be ashamed of. 

Trolls have been giving Sania Mirza unwanted advice on her pregnancy, even shaming her for being ‘out there in this condition’. She tweeted back, educating them that pregnancy is not something to be ashamed of. 

Oh, see that actress got pregnant; I feel sad for her as she won’t be getting any more roles now. Oh, that athlete became pregnant, sad that I won’t get to see her playing anymore. That lady just had a child, she won’t be coming to work…. No matter if you are a star or a commoner, no one will be spared from the societal taboos surrounding motherhood.

While reading the news I came across how Sania Mirza was constantly being trolled on social media for husband Shoaib Malik’s poor performance in the Asia Cup. Sania, who is expecting her first child with Malik, recently took to Twitter to slam all those continuously troubling her by giving her unasked pregnancy advice on social media. Earlier, she had been asked by a leading journalist Rajdeep Sardesai when she was going to ‘settle down’ and have a family – not considering the fact that she is an accomplished woman in her own right, and she shut him down with aplomb.

Clearly done with the lewd comments of men trying to shame her for her pregnancy, Sania wrote a long message in two tweets explaining how pregnancy doesn’t mean hibernation for nine months or a disease which they need to be ashamed of. Here are her tweets –

Why is pregnancy still a taboo?

We all know that our society is obsessed with the concept of children. That’s why as soon as a couple gets married they are pestered with questions like “beta 2 se 3 kab ho rae ho?”, “bahu bs ab ek pota ho jae to main shanti se parlok chali jau”… With this, it often restricts the life of a mother to just motherhood. Having a child is a very beautiful feeling, in fact, it is one of the best feelings a woman can ever have. But it doesn’t mean that a girl’s life is restricted to just one sphere.

Indeed, it is very important to take care of your child. According to the society it can only be done if a mother leaves everything behind for the same. And if she doesn’t then she’ll suffer ‘poor performance’ in every sphere of life and will be labelled as a ‘bad mom’ too. Absurd isn’t it?

I’m Pregnant, Not Terminally Ill, You Idiot!

Our society believes that if a woman has become pregnant then there is nothing much left in her life apart from being a mother. They assume that for 9 months a pregnant lady should just stay at home and then only take care of the baby. They often set up certain rules that predominantly makes a mother feel as if she is either untouchable or has some incurable disease.

Women are asked to leave their jobs, profession, hobbies, passion, and career. Because of this mentality that exists in the society, even many companies don’t hire mothers for specific posts though they are qualified. Now, this is something which is not at all moral nor fair.

A mother is that person who knows what is best for her child and we need to accept this. She will remain the same person that she was before the pregnancy, during it and even after the childbirth. It’s just that her responsibilities increase but never a change in personality.

In the end, if people still think that being pregnant means staying at home, I can only advice them in the best way as author Lalitha Iyer did with her book ‘I’m Pregnant, Not Terminally Ill, You Idiot!

Image Source – Sania Mirza Instagram (@mirzasaniar)

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