Five Magic Mantras to Stay Happy this Year

What are your magic mantras to stay happy this year? Share what you have learnt about staying happy!

What are your magic mantras to stay happy this year? Share what you have learnt about staying happy!

Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it – Charles R. Swindoll

Life is not a bowl of cherries. It is like a ride in a boat – sometimes you are a few inches above the water line and sometimes below. Life, too, offers woes and welts at regular intervals. What is important is to grasp the straws and never leave hope. Like a vicious cycle, the problems might put you in dire straits but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Real happiness is like a buoy in the ocean of experiences. You cannot wait for it to come to you; you need to swim out to it!

This article gives you five hacks that can not only assist in changing your perception towards things but can also help you stay happy in adverse situations.


You must understand the difference between urgent and important. What might seem urgent can also turn out to be less important. Prioritising is not only limited to daily tasks but prioritisation of life decisions which plays a major role in keeping you happy.

For an instance, between waiting for your dream company to offer you a job and applying in a regular firm to get a job, you need to understand the need of the hour. If paying bills and becoming independent is your priority, then opting for the second option is the right choice. Planning is a part of being pro-active and that keeps you prepared for the storm.

Stand firm

Choices come with a price and a lot of mental and social pressure. It takes a brave heart to fight against all odds and come out with flying colours. When you decide to go against a norm, society puts a lot of pressure on you because it wants you to follow the blind alleyway. That is the moment in which your confidence and trust in yourself come into play. Making everyone happy is not your duty and thus, there will come certain situations when one step or decision of yours can put almost everyone in the black mood. That is a real challenge. But if you emerge victorious, you will never regret your actions.

Look for the silver lining

We have all heard the proverb ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’. Start applying the same in your life too. Things might go topsy-turvy but there is something good in everything. Change your perspective. Stop grumbling. Start living in the moment and identify those minute things that give you pleasure. Be happy that you are hale and hearty. It is not a big deal if your boss shouts at you one day. It is not the end of life if your wedding is called off. You might feel the pangs of sorrow for some time but then you will have to eventually gather enough strength to move on because if you were meant to stay in one place, you would have roots instead of legs, isn’t it?

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Gossip less

Gossiping is a toxic habit that is prominent in people with a seedy character. It is also called the Devil’s radio. It is not healthy to talk about things that you are unsure about. It is also unhealthy to discuss the people you do not know personally. In fact, the previous point can be used here to avoid spreading rumours. It might seem like a very difficult task to look for the good in everyone but then this technique will help you become more patient. And Patience helps in winning all battles.

Use compliments generously

Small gestures make a difference. If you agree with this then you would also agree with the fact that gratitude and appreciation are human needs. Everyone needs that dose of positive feedback to keep functioning well. Even in the corporate world, promotion and appraisal are ways to appreciate the work done by the employees. These days start-up companies provide handwritten personalized notes to the employees to cheer them up. Other than appreciation, gratitude or acknowledgement is another important factor that can contribute to making someone happy. Acknowledge the people in your life and make them realize that they do make a difference.

It is said that when one door of happiness closes, we spend aeons thinking about that door. In the process, we tend to ignore the other door to happiness. Be spontaneous and find happiness in this very hour, at this very moment. Appreciate the small things around you and you will start living in harmony with yourself!

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