Bharathi Amma

The author shares the story of a woman who inspires with her strength and courage to stand tall amidst all odds.

The author shares the story of a woman who inspires with her strength and courage to stand tall amidst all odds.

I had attended the wedding of my father’s friend. I was probably in class 1. Uncle (my father’s friend) had a small grocery store in our neighborhood. We usually shopped everything from that store. Uncle and aunty had moved to a rented house in our building. I used to visit them quite often. My mother and aunty were good friends too. Both aunty and uncle together used to run the grocery store.

I can say Bharathi aunty is one of the most inspiring women I have ever met in my life. She has all the qualities of an ideal woman. Uncle used to get sick very often. Aunty always took care of him very well. Aunty is a smart and intelligent lady. She used to manage the household expenditure with the meager amount earned from the small grocery stores efficiently. She had solutions to all the problems for everyone who ever approached her in our neighborhood.

She was a dynamic and a daring lady. She was helpful too. She was compassionate towards everyone in our locality. She was the favorite of all older women. She showered them with love and affection. She was a smart and quick decision maker. Aunty is from a small village and could not pass class X. This kept me wondering why she could not pass her exams though she was very intelligent.

They were blessed with two sons. They were leading a happy life. Aunty had made the small home a heaven. On a fateful day, tragedy struck in their lives. Uncle passed away due to heart attack.  An inconsolable aunty went in a state of shock. Kids were still young.

Few days passed and aunty recovered from the shock. She started running her store again which she had closed after her husband’s death. Whatever happens, life has to go on. She gained strength from the sadness. She knew the importance of education. She made sure that her sons received good education. Aunty used to manage both the store and home skillfully.

Her top priority was kids’ education Her kids never suffered owing to lack of money. She was very prompt with the store timings. She worked extra hard, thought strategically and developed the shop into a big store. She inculcated in her kids good morals and made them good human beings.

Her hard work reflected positively on the children. Both the kids completed their engineering courses and joined good companies. Both of them got married and settled in good places .But aunty still runs the store and is independent even at 68 years of age.

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