Baby Girl Abandoned In Delhi. Dr. Priyanka Gupta Questions How Little Our Society Has Changed

Posted: October 2, 2018

In New Delhi, a baby girl was left in a dustbin recently. The doctor who later treated her – Priyanka Gupta wrote a heart-rending post on Facebook.    

A mother would have had the baby safely inside her womb for 9 long months. She would have strengthened it from within, carried its weight all along, given a place inside her for it to grow into a new being from nothing. It’s her own flesh and blood that was used to create this new life and bring it out to this world.  

Then how can a mother let her baby be abandoned just because its a girl? Does it ever make the baby any less hers? Definitely not! It is only because of societal and financial pressures that she is compelled to abandon this precious life – an entirely unacceptable state of affairs.

In a recent incident, a baby girl was left in a dustbin near Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi. A policeman who saw the wailing baby brought it to the hospital. A concerned young doctor Priyanka Gupta after making sure that the baby’s vitals were good, fondly tended to her with cleaning, fresh clothes, and top feed. The baby would be shifted to baby care and then Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) would take care of the adoption procedures.  

Dr. Priyanka Gupta had posted a heart-rending message on facebook with the images of the baby. She tried to convey a strong message, imagining the mixed emotions the baby must have been undergone – as to how scared and alone she might have felt without mother or father, asking God why he sent her here where she had none to care for her, and wishing to not live in such a cruel world.   

Looking after the poor tiny soul, a heartbroken Dr. Priyanka questioned society’s notion of daughter’s being a burden to parents. So many baby girls are dumped in dustbins like garbage, while others are victims of sex-selective foeticide while in the womb. In this 21st century, everything has changed – technology, education but not the mentality towards the female child, wrote Priyanka.    

Yes, it’s still mostly believed that daughters become ‘outsiders’ to their parents after marriage, as they would belong to the husband’s family then. While this notion is changing, change is very slow to come by, and until then, it is girls like this little baby who suffer. 

As Dr. Priyanka has mentioned in her Facebook post, these daughters that they are abandoning today might be tomorrow’s Saina Nehwal, Mary Koms, Sania Mirza, Kalpana Chawla, Kiran Bedi, Manushi Chillar or Lata Mangeshkar, and even if not, they are unique individuals in their own right with every right to live.  

It is time we give girls a chance – girls who are born to make us proud!

Image Source – Priyanka Gupta’s FB Post

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