Twinkling Star

How we bind our girls as soon as they become 'old enough''s time to set our girls free from all those outdated customs.

How we bind our girls as soon as they become ‘old enough’…it’s time to set our girls free from all those outdated customs.

Twinkle Twinkle little star
Now your childhood is at bar
You are 13 and so young
No, don’t you jump

No, don’t you sit like this
Be poised, behave delicately
You are a girl with puberty on
Be sensitive, your Childhood is gone

Hey, don’t talk of it so loud
Keep the subject secret bound
Neither do this, nor that
Hey, don’t fumble
Just mind it.

Go through the list and mind it.
Don’t you dare to touch this
Don’t you prefer to wear that.
Don’t play sport
Save the hymen for more.

Don’t you choose
Learn to amuse
Accept the curse
Grow more adverse

I know you’re baffled on the foreground
To dig the taboo on the ground
I went through the same
And still I’m a sane victim

A goddess is pure and divine
But a lady with blood is intangible
Before puberty they touch your feet
Will make you sit on a throne seat

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You are an epitome of their favourite goddess
Who enjoys the divine power
But suddenly all divinity gets lost
Now your blood makes you impure
You are no more an epitome
Instead, a bitter dose

Ah! What Sadists they are
Ah! What fools we are
They said, we believed
They tyrannize us
We squeeze

We allow them
To curse the generic ground
It’s because of this blood
They are born
It’s because of this blood
They’ll have genetic clones

I’m sorry my girl
To force you with norms
You are free
To give this malpractice a blow

Uproot this taboo
Punch the hypocrites tight
Go spread your wings and fly
There is no age bar
Yes you are 13
Still a twinkling star
So Twinkle Twinkle my little star!

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