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Poetry: Oh! Human

A message to the entire mankind to work hard and never have self doubt. Tushita Mukhopadhyay with her poetry tries to change people and their attitude towards life.


A message to the entire mankind to work hard and never have self doubt. Tushita Mukhopadhyay with her poetry tries to change people and their attitude towards life.

For massive success, how hard you toil,

Day in and day out, you abuse this soil;

Your inner peace has been suppressed by this external turmoil;

These indomitable ambitions have caused your progress to foil!


You let filth rent a space in your head,

By unauthorized sadism which is fed;

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To brutality which has slowly but steadily lead;

Humanity is now dead.


You adopt uncaring ways,

To your own trap you fall a prey;

You are blind to your own life falling apart;

Amidst your daily struggles to function with a guilt-ridden heart!


You use your sense of wit to pinch,

And make desperate attempts to lynch;

This does not feed your mind,

Only venom does it leave behind.


The poison in your soul you now begin to taste!

You thus become unrecyclable and discarded as waste!

Instead of self-rejection, why not look at it as an opportunity?

And rebuild this collapsed life with integrity?


You have conquered the brightest star;

And yet; this conscious darkness you fail to conquer!

How miserably your own fortune you have marred!

You are now tasteless: overcooked and charred!!


Have you given a hand and lent your ear to the ailing mankind?

Instead of brushing past and leaving it behind,

Its time you unite your body and mind,

Rise like a phoenix and start to grind!


You chase an undefined destination,

By meddling with the Almighty’s creation,

This very creation: that you were born to savour!

Your path is decorated; not with roses; but the bitterness of the fruits of your labour.


Can’t you recollect that life is volatile?

Without resorting to destruction, have you barely walked a mile!

Your so-called accomplishments are as light as a feather;

This will soon transform into an unappealing, dead mass to rot and wither!


Everlasting and deep impressions you must leave,

On the minds of those who are bereaved;

Allow healthy relationships to blossom without making futile attempts to cleave!

So that a sigh of relief you yourself can heave,

So as to steer your way through the dark clouds,

You ought to enlighten; not fall victim to self-doubt!


Image Source – Unsplash  

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