Why Does Every Ram, Shyam & Hari Love To Troll Anushka Sharma?

So many trolls and memes surround Anushka Sharma all the time. Why do you think it is so?  

So many trolls and memes surround Anushka Sharma all the time. Why do you think it is so? Why can’t people just leave Anusha Sharma alone?

Whatever might be happening in the country or the world, these days it seems like people just can’t leave Anushka Sharma alone. Whether it is Imran Khan’s swearing-in as the Prime Minister of Pakistan or a major flood submerging the entire state of Kerala, they have to constantly troll her and have a hearty laugh at her using brand new memes.

It’s ridiculous to constantly see social media gushing with demeaning content against one one particular actress. Wherever she goes, whatever she does, it becomes a trending topic upon which millions comment or criticize.

Here are 5 instances where Anushka Sharma was under major scrutiny across all the social media platforms.  

The trailer of upcoming film Sui Dhaaga

Instead of appreciating all the efforts and hard work that has gone into the film, one particular scene where Anushka is in happy tears is on fire. There are hundreds of different memes making the rounds based on this scene. Such catchy phrases and hilarious comments, why can’t all this creativity be put into better use elsewhere?

Recent team India photo

Anushka was recently posing for a photo with Team India at the High Commission of India, London. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) shared the picture on its Twitter account and this officially opened the crest gates large and wide for all the comments that prevailed for days to come.

In India when it comes to cricket and cinema, people often think they completely own these two entities and talk about them all that they want. Often Virat and Anushka representing those respectively, are at the receiving end of all the ‘excess love’ from people.

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Anushka’s cleanliness message

A video was put out where Anushka told a man in a luxurious car, throwing a plastic bottle on the road, to not do such a thing. This was yet another instance where every other person had something or the other to say about Anushka’s actions. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram felt like battlefields full of arguments and counter arguments. With the coming of social media everybody wants to tell the world what their opinions are – nobody wants to stay quiet and keep it to themselves.

Blaming Anushka for Virat’s poor show

This began for the first time in the year 2015 during the Australian World Cup, after the semi-finals match between India and Australia. Anushka had flown all the way but Virat, in such a crucial match, got out by scoring just one run. Patriotism, nationalism…everything played its role in making the trolls against Anushka highly insensitive.

The trend of blaming her continued for many other series that followed. But it intensified yet again during the poor showing of RCB in IPL 2018.

The lip job

This is probably the first time Anushka experienced a huge backlash in the social media. It was in 2014 when she got a lip job done for a role in the movie Bombay Velvet. It was considered a disaster and people made a lot of fun of her back then.

I seriously wonder why it has to always be Anushka Sharma! There are so many other male and female actors, and yes, many do get trolled but none like her. Varun Dhawan also looks comical with his getup for the film Sui Dhaaga, but there are not many memes on him. Also Virat Kohli was the one capturing the video when Anushka was giving her cleanliness lecture on the road, but he didn’t receive as much backlash as she did.

Maybe like everywhere else gender plays a role here. Women become easier targets and victims of social retaliation. Every time Anushka is ridiculed, Virat usually puts up a post showing his strong support for her and often gets applauded for the same by many. But why is it necessary? Why isn’t it alright when Anushka stands up for herself?

In a recent interview Anushka has said that she doesn’t react to trolls. In a way it is good as one shouldn’t waste precious time proving yourself to others. But looking at it differently, the pressure from outside is so much that she is forced to keep mum. This story seems to be no different from that of any other ordinary women who suffer due to societal pressures.

How much can Anushka fight against the world? There are so many, way too many trolls and memes. Even if the wants, she won’t be able to do much or react to all of them. Is it time we gave her a break instead?

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