The Inner Thoughts Of The Real Unsung Hero

Posted: August 27, 2018

Once a prolific dancer, she left her job at the University, as she was expecting her first born. And since then time flew in the blink of an eye.

Nysa sat beside the window enjoying the drizzle outside. The tiny droplets of water brushed against the window glass and made it a mesmerizing sight to behold.

Her heart heaved a sigh of relaxation. This is her ‘ME’ time. A time when she is all alone in their apartment in upscale Singapore.

The afternoon clock ticked on. Nysa closed her eyes and breathed heavily. She was tired. Tired from all the duties she did each day unperturbed. She was only 35 years old but she already had eye bags, she was putting on weight and she was clueless about her own future. She knew what she wanted for her children in future, she knew about her husband’s plan for himself and the family but she was unsure about her own destiny.

Dedicating the past 8 years of her life whole heartedly towards a family she lost her life’s essence. Once a prolific dancer, she left her job at the University, as she was expecting her first born. And since then time flew in the blink of an eye. Her inner turmoils grew by leaps and bounds, she felt bogged down by all the pressures.

She cried alone, missed her loving parents in a foreign land.

Each day waking up, she commits towards fulfilling all her responsibilities and when her husband and children leave home for their respective destinations, she sits besides the window in her favourite couch and sips a cup of coffee. She paints a beautiful rainbow for her family in the wide open sky of life, while forgetting her own color. She thinks, she rethinks and then she regains normalcy, of being a dutiful wife and a loving mother.

The thoughts wavered in her mind as to how each woman toils day in and day out everyday, fulfilling all her duties forgetting about her own identity. Her passions, her hobbies, her dreams. Her whole life is a difficult structure. Yet, at the end of the day, a judgemental society makes rough comments about how a woman enjoys the luxury of sitting at home and relaxing while her husband works at the office, earning bread and butter for the entire family. Nobody even bothers to look beyond or care about the kind of unexpressed labour which goes into maintaining a home and a family, and bringing up children. A woman is the real unsung hero.

Nysa was a bit perplexed. What will be the solution to all such queries? When will a woman get her proper due? When will a woman be acknowledged for her untiring efforts? Maybe the changing of time would usher in a new era, a new thought process.

With a heavy heart Nysa went towards the kitchen to prepare lunch for her children as they would be back from school anytime soon. The dance steps can wait for now. Her favourite book can be read later on. She is a wife and a mom first!

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