How My Sister Is Dealing With Her Pregnancy While The World Is Gripped By This Pandemic

My sister was over the moon after learning she was pregnant. But after the pandemic struck, she's been scared and worried. This is what seems to help her.

My sister was over the moon after learning she was pregnant. But after the pandemic struck, she’s been scared and worried. This is what seems to help her.

“There’s a news. Don’t fall wherever you are, and don’t scream!” My younger sister hurriedly conveyed this on the telephone, something that I was not prepared for.

“You know, I hate surprises, na?” I replied wearily as I returned home after a hectic day from work. She gave her giggly wiggly laugh and whispered, “You’re going to be a maasi!”

“What!” I literally fell down from the couch with tears brimming my eyes. At that moment, I only visualised myself holding the cute baby in my arms and posing for a picture. The one that would proudly make its way to all my social media feeds and the world would know that I am a very proud maasi!

I was going to be a maasi!

“Wow!” I congratulated her and continued the saga of innumerable health advices and my plan to visit her anytime soon as we live in two different cities.

But soon after this, the deadly virus struck its ugly hood and the entire world fell crumbling into its grasp. I heard my sister’s gloomy voice during our regular chats and her usual chatterbox vibe vanished. And I remembered how she was over the moon when I was pregnant. My sister was flabbergasted with the idea of nurturing a baby inside a woman’s tummy!

She never envisioned she would carry the same feeling of motherhood in such tough times as these. But this is the unfathomable reality. Currently, she is trying hard to be normal, she is doing her duties, eating well, visiting the doctor, taking rest and reading books.

But then, I sensed fear in her 

But there is a fear! A fear I sense as I am a mother too. The fear of uncertainty, a fear of indecisiveness. This pandemic has engulfed the countries with the best healthcare systems. People all around the globe are infected. Till the time there’s a vaccine, nothing can be predicted.

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My sister shares with me that, on days she is seemingly anxious about the happenings around. She tells me she could not sleep at nights, that she keeps tossing and turning in her bed. Being curious about the scenario outside, she catches up on the news sometimes.

She asks me a dozen questions and I am at a loss to reply to each one of them. I understand her mental stress and the mood swings. While I am at a loss of words, I do understand her panic state.

I can feel all this for all the expecting and new moms. And I can sense their discomfort. The world seemingly crumbled in front of our own eyes. So it will take time to recover from the stoic reality.

Here’s what we can do

There are however certain things that we as family, and friends should try to do for all the beautiful to-be mommies that we know.

In these trying times, we should lend our support to all pregnant ladies emotionally and mentally. We should urge them to stay motivated and positive. The positive they will be, the healthier and happier the baby will be. Positivity can be achieved by lending our ears to what they want to share.

It can also be shared by trying to give them what they want to eat, read, see or hear.  We should avoid discussing anything negative and depressing in front of them. Rather we should keep calm and smile to spread the happy vibes. We must try to keep them away from gloomy state of affairs instead, share that part of news which is motivating.

Take precautions but don’t be overprotective

Secondly, the precautionary measures are a must this pandemic for everyone and especially for pregnant ladies. Whenever they have to venture out of their homes for medical check ups only, they must wear masks and gloves. They must be accompanied by a very trusted person, a member of the family. The medicines must not be skipped and the menu for food should consist of nutritious items.

Expecting mommies must have the full freedom to enjoy this journey of motherhood. Nurturing a baby inside the womb should be fruitful.

We don’t know what the world has in store for us, we don’t know about the long term repercussions. But one thing we can do, is to remain strong mentally and be positive. We must believe in only authentic sources of information and not panic at the bad things. And must implement what is good and necessary and not lament on unnecessary things and situations.

We must keep ourselves away from negative vibes. Instead, we should share love and hope as much as we can. We must be positive about the good changes that will come, positive that the world will once again be normal and free from all the health scares. As my sister rightly sums up, “This too shall pass!”

Picture credits: Still from movie Filhaal

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