#ColourMeRight: This New Petition Asks Beauty Brands To Use Models Of All Skin Colours

Colourism in India is widely prevalent. Try stopping prejudices based on colour, make a difference - support the #ColourMeRight campaign. 

Colourism in India is widely prevalent. Try stopping prejudices based on colour, make a difference – says the #ColourMeRight campaign. 

The ongoing 18th Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai has a plethora of designers, ideas and creative presentations in their shows. Some of this winter edition’s specialities include Rajasthani and Odisha handwoven fabrics, khadi weaves, Kanjivaram and ecological fibers.

On this occasion the ‘Dark Brown Woman’ (as this campaigner wishes to be known), as part of her campaign #ColourMeRight, has started a petition on Change.org. It is aimed at urging the brand Lakme to make a commitment as to have more inclusive advertisements, where women with all skin tones are featured rather than just having fair skinned models.

Of course, fair skinned models are a norm in most beauty ads in India, but the Dark Brown Woman feels that being ranked no. 1 among other cosmetic brands, Lakme is a legacy in India. It has become an integral part of many women’s lives. Therefore, she feels that the company needs to set the trends. 

“I truly believe they have immense potential or scope for making a positive and lasting impact on people. They can bring about a sea of change in this country obsessed with fair skin by being inclusive and representing women with diverse skin tones. Lakme can redefine beauty standards like no one else can.” The Dark Brown Woman told Women’s Web.     

Colourism is for real…

The Dark Brown Woman started the #ColourMeRight campaign because of her 4 year old little daughter. Her daughter has the same skin colour as hers. So, being a concerned mother, she doesn’t want her daughter to experience all the prejudices that she has faced and suffered because of her dark brown skin colour. She wants her daughter to grow up in a progressive environment that accepts her for who she is and recognizes her for her character, individuality, strengths and values.   

Colourism is for real. The issue very much exists in our society but we ignore it every single day and learn to live with it. We face colour prejudice and somehow choose to remain silent.

“ColourMeRight campaign represents countless number of people who have always been made to feel ‘invisible’ because of their skin colour,” added the Dark Brown Woman.

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Her previous campaign – women in jewellery ads

Dark Brown Woman’s first petition was for one of the top jewellery brand in India – Tanishq. Their ad campaign for Rivaah wedding jewellery had featured brides from across Indian states. But she observed that only brides with fair skin tones were featured in the advertisements.   

Her petition for an equal representation of women with diverse skin tones received 1,348 signatures from people. With the immense support that the campaign received, Titan, Tanishq’s parent brand issued a press release assuring people of more commercials reflecting the truly diverse nature of the country.  

The success with her first petition at change.org made Dark Brown Woman realize that a difference can be made if we choose to rise up, our voices are definitely going to matter.

As a parent, she wants to bring her kids up in the best possible way. She wishes to make their world a better place than it is now. She wants to be a changemaker seeking change wherever she can, as best as she can and as long as she can.

You can support the petition here.

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