When Will Parents Stop Obsessing Over Marks?

The writer wonders as to why parents today obsess over marks and how marks do not matter so much in the journey called life.

The writer wonders as to why parents today obsess over marks and how marks do not matter so much in the journey called life.

What are we actually teaching our kids? What do we aspire them to be? What is the real life implementation of the studies in schools? Are we really growing an intelligent generation or are we just focusing on creating a race which is just too good at doing what they are told to do and no more?

Marks, why do they matter so much?

All these questions and many more clog my mind when I see the all time rising percentiles and percentages and still the kids and their parents fretting about just 1 more extra mark over the 95% or so already scored. What does that 1 extra mark denotes or tells us about our kid more than we already know or more than they already are? Will it genuinely render the kid more suitable to life after this whole STUDY shebang is over and they are faced with the real hardships of life?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t intend to say that one should not try to excel themselves and desire to achieve more but, the real issue here is whether the kids genuinely want this or they are just doing it under the ever going peer pressure.

Teach our children to be better people

In my opinion, what our education system and the yesteryears of the kids should enable them to do is to know their inner strengths and weaknesses. They should be able to know what activities or subjects in studies interests them, not just on the basis of the marks achieved, but on the basis of their actual interest in the subject. What our kids really need is to excel in life, be better people, to be able to confidently lead their lives and be able to face life when it comes knocking at their doors.

All of this can only happen, if and only if we allow them to live life now, experiment with their lives, make mistakes and learn from them, fall and then get up again.

As parents, guardians and teachers all we can and must do is, to be there when they fall to help them rise up again.

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