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"They were blessed with a cute and beautiful baby girl. She saw her and forgot everything she suffered in the past few hours. It was a memorable moment for both of them".

“They were blessed with a cute and beautiful baby girl. She saw her and forgot everything she suffered in the past few hours. It was a memorable moment for both of them”.

She woke up early morning with curiosity and went to the bathroom. She came out confused and tried to wake-up her husband, as he was sleeping. She showed something to him and asked, “It’s a single line or two lines?” He tried to stretch his eyes, to look at the lines on the pregnancy test kit and said, “I can see a single line”. “But, I can see a second faint line too”, she muttered. He suggested her to wait for sometime and take a nap till then. He jumped on the bed again and slept. She lied on the bed and kept staring at the kit to confirm if there were two lines.

As it was a weekend, they were not in hurry to wake up, get ready and run to the office. She was not able to sleep. After an hour, he woke up and noticed that she was still staring at the kit. He looked at the kit and noticed a second faint line. They both smiled, looking into each others eyes. Happiness was expressed through their eyes without saying a word. They decided to visit a Gynecologist to confirm the news. Both were curious, happy and in a confused state of mind as it was not yet confirmed.

She was suffering from slight pain in her stomach and her husband had been observing her mood swings from past few days. They both had their breakfast and he booked an appointment. The Gynecologist confirmed the news and gave some important instructions. He was seriously listening to the instructions, but she lost somewhere, her heart was dancing with joy.

Both came home with lots of happiness and a sweet smile on their faces. They couldn’t express the feeling in words. He hugged her very carefully and she found that he had already turned into a responsible dad. She was excited to share the news with her mom and mother-in-law. Mom’s tips started with care, excitement and happiness. Mom suggested not to declare the news to everyone till the third month as it’s still delicate during the initial stage.

As per the suggestions from mom and mother-in-law and also from the help of Balaji Tambe’s book, he made a chart for a diet plan. She was enjoying everything as he was taking care of everything so responsibly. Now their bike rides changed into car rides while going out. He was making sure that she should not watch horror or emotional programs on TV. Healthy diet had already started. He was trying in every way to keep her happy and strong. Slow morning walks were started to breath in fresh air. She was all fine until six weeks as she was not having any trouble till that time.

Then she started to feel nausea, couldn’t resist strong smells, couldn’t even digest food properly due to vomiting. She was facing trouble to sit and work for a long time continuously in office. Her colleagues were so cooperative, especially one of her best friends, who was in her team. She was one of her best guides in this stage, as she already had a kid. Everyone in the office and in the family were extremely caring. She had longer conversations with her mom – as she was her best guide and her best friend- to share her feelings.

She was falling in love with her husband everyday because of his care and love. They both were enjoying this time as much as they could. He was taking care of her demands for food as well as her health. She was feeling blessed, and thought it was one of the best times of her life. They had regular visits to the clinic. There was much joy during the ultrasound scan as they could see a glimpse of their baby.

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Time was flying fast. She could feel baby’s movements. It was an amazing experience. Both were so excited as they were curious to know whether it was a baby girl or baby boy and how she/he would look like. Now her baby bump was noticeable. Her trips to washroom were increasing now. She couldn’t sleep properly due to the baby bump. He purchased some comfortable clothes for her as well.

As the time of delivery came closer , she was a little scared, but excited too. Her family planned her baby shower function. They both had maternity photoshoot to memorize those lovely moments. She was facing various heath issues and difficulties, but his support was giving her strength. As per doctor’s suggestion they scheduled a routine for morning and evening walk and light exercise. Her mind was now full of questions like “What should I do if labor pain starts when I am in the office, what to do if sudden pain starts and we are stuck in traffic while going to the hospital”.

Finally ninth month started and she was facing more challenges to sit for longer time in office and was tired of traveling. Finally, she decided to start her maternity leave and take rest for few days, along with walk and exercise. Now, everyone was eagerly waiting for the special day. Her mother-in-law was with her at home as it was time now. She was curious to see her baby. She could rarely sleep, couldn’t get up suddenly without support. Her husband was taking more care and helping her in everything even during late night washroom trips, as she needed support to get up from bed.

She could feel strong movements of the baby. It was a precious feeling for both of them.

Finally, she got admitted to the hospital, little scared, excited and confused. After enjoying the wonderful phase for nine months, she was fighting in labor room for delivery. As it was her first time, it was a totally new experience for her. The unbearable labor pain, operation theatre, everything was painful but still she was excited. Her husband was supporting her in every possible way.

Almost after 24 hours, they were blessed with a cute and beautiful baby girl. She saw her and forgot everything she suffered in the past few hours. It was a memorable moment for both of them. He saw her and said “Pari“. His eyes were expressing his happiness. Family members were already there and everyone was happy. She observed everyone and felt blessed.

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