Is It Okay To Have TV Serials Turned On At Your Paediatrician’s?

Childhood is the most impressionable phase of life, so is it okay to expose children to prime time TV serials with nothing substantial to showcase?

Childhood is the most impressionable phase of life, so is it okay to expose children to prime time TV soap operas with nothing substantial to showcase?

I went to the paediatrician a few days before I wrote this article, for a regular check-up for my infant. I usually go early to avoid the crowd, but that day I went during the doctor’s prime time. The hospital is usually decked with posters and creative flyers, both for informative purposes and to keep the kids engaged. It also has a section cordoned off with toys (in poor condition) to keep the toddlers occupied. While I am not a huge fan of the play area, the posters and designs on the hallways and doors, and other kids’ antics help my child idle away the time until we are called in.

During my last visit, the TV at my paediatrician’s place was tuned to a regional serial at a loud volume. The serial had nothing to offer other than an evil mother-in-law, a submissive son, and a distressed daughter-in-law. It was a dramatic sob saga with a self-sacrificing heroine, nefarious schemes, money-sucking relatives, and family-overthrowing plot. It definitely had nothing of value to offer to anyone who might be watching it, except a sorry excuse to idle away your time.

There are two different schools of thought when it comes to teaching infants. There is one section that strongly objects to exposure to videos at such an early age, while there is another section that believes technology can help a great deal in bringing up smarter kids. I have seen children exposed to videos and mobile games at a young age having communication and learning problems. I have also seen similar children being super smart and better than me in using technology. Charles Darwin’s ‘survival of the fittest’ concept works well with them. Likewise, I have made varying observations with kids who haven’t been exposed to videos as well. I am not here to support either of these groups.

But I am sure all parents would agree that such TV soaps with a script that drags for decades cannot do any good for anyone, let alone kids. So do you think having them turned on just for the pleasure of the staff members is right? Maybe as parents, we should take the initiative to stop this.

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