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Rukmani S

I am a management professional working as a Product Marketer in an MNC. Coming from a typical Indian background, I have the mandatory Engineering and MBA degrees in my pocket. I love traveling, reading books and am a puzzler & orator. I have always preferred speaking to writing. But anyway, I ink my thoughts now and then, perhaps until I get a speaking opportunity ;).

Voice of Rukmani S

Is It Okay To Have TV Serials Turned On At Your Paediatrician’s?

Childhood is the most impressionable phase of life, so is it okay to expose children to prime time TV serials with nothing substantial to showcase?

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English rhymes
Stop Teaching These English Rhymes To Children – We Have Enough Violence In The World Today!

English rhymes are often thinly veiled cautionary tales that are often pretty violent too. Maybe we should think again about teaching them to impressionable minds.

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kid's future
Let Your Kids Have An Unspoiled Childhood. Stop Deciding Their Future For Them!

If you're guilty of trying to mould your kid's future without their participation, or even before they can say future, this post is for you. Read on.

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mental load of chores
Husbands, Share The Mental Load Of Chores Instead Of Saying, “I Would Have Helped If You Had Asked”!

Feminism needs to begin at home with husbands and other men sharing the mental load of chores instead of just doing what they are asked to do!

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An Easy Guide To Growing Your Money Through Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds and SIPs are the latest trends in investments. So why is everybody talking about this? Let us look a little closely at how these work.

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ladies compartment
8 Types Of Commuters I’ve Met In The Ladies’ Compartment On Local Trains. What About You?

Travelling in the ladies' compartment on the local trains can be an interesting experience - as this author who has categorised her co-passengers says.

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