Life On Wheels…It’s Glorious!

Along with nostalgia, bicycles bring with them a hoard of good things, from keeping our fitness on track to saving the environment. Let's bring them wheels back!

Along with nostalgia, bicycles bring with them a hoard of good things, from keeping our fitness on track to saving the environment. Let’s bring them wheels back!

Time has changed. And with the changing time, the mode of commutation has also changed from cycles to motor vehicles, which is obviously a costly affair. Commuting by cycle is not only pocket-friendly, it is advantageous in more than one way. There will be no pollution, less traffic, less fuel consumption and more eco-friendly. Your fitness level will not be at stake and most importantly, it will provide you with a sense of inner peace, satisfaction and happiness. It will bring you more close to the mother nature. You can have the leverage to breathe in some pure air. So, overall it will have a positive impact on your health and mind.

Have you ever monitored a kid riding a bicycle? Have you ever observed the fun-filled excitement on her/his face? It’s a pure bliss. Most of us as kids have enjoyed riding bicycles. So, why are we keeping ourselves at distance from this utter joy and contentment now? Let’s once again catch hold of this beauty, go for a thrilling ride and include this in our day-to-day life.

In the earlier days, people used to commute by cycles only, whether it was a bicycle, tricycle, tangas, bullock carts, etc. Though the journey would be lengthy, tedious and hectic, at that time people knew how to enjoy beauty of the nature around them, appreciate their surroundings and to have a good and strong relationship with their family and friends, as they devoted time to each other on their journeys. Time is the biggest binding factor which brings relationships close to each other and develops whole-hearted love and mutual understanding in them. Time is the most precious gift one can give to another. Now-a-days, people are damn busy commuting by their own personal vehicles. They enjoy the luxury of possessing fancy vehicles but are devoid of live relationships and their values. At one point, technology has made our lives very easy and more comfortable. On the other hand, it has made us lethargic and more prone to diseases.

I’m not against the technical developments. We should, in fact, we are here for the very reason to develop. But, we should develop in all prospects, not compromising our health and happiness, our society and surroundings. I want to see the bicycle as the most preferred mode of commutation once again. I know that we can’t travel for long distances by cycles. But, at least for short commutes like grabbing a breakfast/lunch, picking up the daily household needs, getting groceries for home, a short ride to the office/park, an early morning ride to the forests, etc., can give yourself an opportunity to welcome good health and fitness on a daily basis and keep diseases at bay. For long commutes, let’s look out for the feasible solutions, like carpooling or traveling by bus, etc., would not do much damage and harm, neither to us nor to our environment.

Let’s once again embrace the life on wheels,
Let’s once again peek through the spokes,
Let’s once again grease your hands,
Let’s once again catch hold of the hidden child in you and take it for a ride…

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