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A Valentine Appeal #Poetry #LoveNotHate

Posted: February 15, 2018

“When a humorless nation forgets to take a chill pill and gets ruffled at the drop of a hat! – let’s pick our battles, shall we?”

Dear Girl, 

Please don’t wink.

Don’t talk with your eyes.

Priye, don’t enjoy your teenage years.

You dare indulge, someone somewhere who has been angered because someone else is living it up, will hound you, troll you, even put a case against you!

Don’t you know we are a non-witty nation, with the thinnest skin possible?

Anything and everything offends us.

So girl – tread lightly will you and stop smiling, please?

Grave anger is in.

So Saree really because the world goes the whole nine yards!

Put a mike in front, give the eyeballs and a mouth will churn out pithy words. Some words will appeal and some will repel and the Great-Indian-Online-Violence will be unleashed even before you can blink. Untold vitriol will be spilled till the next issue comes along quite innocently.

Do we even pause for a second to consider the words in the entire context, before we go charging? Why don’t we mull for a second whether this issue is worth the effort, does it serve any greater purpose? Why are we relentlessly angry?

When a humorless nation forgets to take a chill pill and gets ruffled at the drop of a hat! – let’s pick our battles, shall we? 

And enjoy the sweet nothings and make small memories? How easy is it to agree to simply disagree and carry on living?

Jio aur Jeene Do.

On this Valentine’s day, do spread love, if possible, else at least desist from spreading hate.

Kyon ki battles aur bhi hain jeetne ko.

Ek Vexed onliner

(Maybe after this post, I have to go and hide)

Image Source: Pexels

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